Hurts like heaven

I was just a fan. I had the posters, I had the merchandise. I never thought i'd end up having Louis Tomlinson♥


8. h is for happiness

As we played around in the water, we splashed each other and dived around. As the sea started to get rougher, we decided to jump the waves. It was great, until a really massive one started erupting towards us. 'Oh my god Louis' I squealed nervously and I gripped his hand. 'Hey, it's okay, I got you' He smiled and gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. I don't really remember much from then on, other than feeling my whole insides being filled and hearing Louis shout my name.

I woke up in my bed, feeling a little tired but mostly normal. 'Oh my god, Gabby' I heard Louis say as I felt his hand stroke my cheek. 'Is she awake?' I also heard Zayn say. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. 'W..what happened?' I asked, confused. 'You got taken down by that wave, completely knocked you out' Zayn explained. Louis rubbed his forehead with a frown on his face. 'I'm so sorry Gabby, I should have never let you jump those waves, its too dangerous' He said with a crackle in his voice. 'Well, i'm gonna leave you guys to it, glad your okay Gabs' Zayn smiled as he ruffled my hair. 'It's okay, it's not your fault' I whispered, gently. 'I'm fine aren't I?' I smiled. 'B..but you might not have bee-' I cut him off, by kissing him quickly. 'See, i'm fine' I winked. He laughed and wrapped his arms round me tight, while I rested my head on his shoulder. When it got to about 11pm we were both quite tired from the events of earlier, so we decided to go to bed. I slid into the soft thin covers and rested my head on the fluffy pillow and smiled as I felt Louis' arm wrap round my waist, as he placed his hand in mine. 

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