Hurts like heaven

I was just a fan. I had the posters, I had the merchandise. I never thought i'd end up having Louis Tomlinson♥


4. d is for dancing

It had been a few weeks since the hate comments, and since then nobody had posted a single bad word about me. I texted Louis a little bit, but obviously he was in a world famous band so he was busy most of the time and I wasn't exactly anything splcial. I heard my phone beep and I clicked open the text. 'From; Louis ;; hey gabby, i've got 7 months holiday off from today, so I was wondering if you wanted to meet me at Haliano Beach at 7:30? - louis oxox p.s. it'll just be me there' I grinned as I quickly got to work replying to him. 'yeah of course i'll meet you, see you then! -gabriella xxxx' As my eyes caught sight of the clock, I realized I had to get ready, and fast. I had a shower and then stared blankly at my wardobe. What was I going to wear?! I finally found a pale blue short summer dress, which I paired with some silver sandals. I curled my long brown hair and applied my makeup. When I was finally satisfied that I looked half decent, I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. I lived opposite the beach, so it wasn't far to  walk thank god. When I got there, I found Louis sitting by himself, on a little rug with a picnic and candles set out on it, I smiled and hurried over to him. 'Hey!' I laughed as he turned around to see me. He quickly got up and brushed the sand off his trousers. '..Hi!' He said breathlessly. 'You look...amazing' I looked at the floor and blushed bright red. He laughed and led me over to the little rug. 'Wow, this is so cute' I smiled as I gazed around at the stuff he'd set out. 'Yeah, I might have had a bit of help from Niall, he's good with this sort of thing' He admitted. 'Well, I love it anyway' I assured him.We talked for ages and when it finally got dark, I started to get cold. 'Are you cold?' Louis asked. 'No no,i'm fine' I lied, I didn't want to cause hassle. He gently touched my arm. 'your freezing!' he exclaimed, as he put his jacket round me and put his arm round my shoulder. I gently rested my head on his shoulder as we sat looking at the stars. 'I've had a really good time' I said, as I gazed at the glistening water. 'Me too' He whispered as I felt his eyes stare on me. I sat up and turned around laughing, 'What are you looking at?' I asked, confused. 'You' He said softly as I bit my lip to stop the excitement literally explode out of me. I just laughed and got out my phone. 'oh shit, it's gone midnight' I said, shocked. 'I'll walk you home' He said immediatley, as he jumped up and pulled me up with him. 'You don't have to Louis' I started. 'No, I want to' he gave me a reassuring smile, as he took my hand and we started walking to my house. When we got outside, I didn't want to say goodbye, but I knew I had to at some point. 'I'll see you later then' I whispered. 'Yeah, I'll make sure' He smiled, as he kissed my cheek and said goodbye. I let myself in and went straight to bed, almost thinking that the whole night had been a dream.

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