Hurts like heaven

I was just a fan. I had the posters, I had the merchandise. I never thought i'd end up having Louis Tomlinson♥


3. c is for crushed

'omg that gabriellas soo ugly' 'hahahahaha what a slag' 'eww why would louis be seen with that...thing' I read over and over millions of hate comments from girls, who had seen the photo. My heart started pumping with shock, tears sprung to my eyes as I quickly shut my laptop and lay down on my bed, covering my face with my hands. I cried and cried, taking in the critism, wondering what i'd done wrong. I felt my phone vibrate as I scrabbled around for it I saw the name 'Louis' flashing up on the screen. 'Hello?' I mumbled as I wiped my eyes. 'Gabby, i've been reading the comments on twitter and I feel awful' He said. I was confused, why was it his fault?'It's..n..not you..r fault' I stuttered, inbetween sobs. 'Yes, it is I should have realized that these bitchy girls get so jealous because your beautiful Gabby' I carried on. A small smile grew on my face and I started to feel butterflies. 'Don't worry i'll sort them out' He chuckled. 'Thanks Louis' I replied, gratefully. As I hung up, I  looked on twitter and scrolled right past all the hate, to see a tweet from louis. 'Gabriella is beautiful your all just jealous bitchy girls, who aren't fans at all' I smiled to myself as I started to see all the girls replying to the tweet saying' oh my god im soooo sorry gabriella is so pretty' and other things that I didn't actually think was true.

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