Hurts like heaven

I was just a fan. I had the posters, I had the merchandise. I never thought i'd end up having Louis Tomlinson♥


2. b is for beautiful

'Okay, well I have to go now!' he said in his chirpy voice. 'O..okay' I stuttered, still not believing any of this. 'Wait, can I take your number?' He asked me with a grin. OH MY GOD. LOUIS TOMLINSON JUST ASKED ME FOR MY NUMBER! 'Oh, yeah sure!' I said, trying to keep it cool. We exchanged numbers and he took a photo of him and me. 'I'll remember you' He winked as he got rushed away. I was shaking with adrenaline. Before I knew it, millions of girls bombarded me trying to snatch my phone to get his number. Thankfully, the boys' bodyguard held them back and I just ran. I ran all the way home. I know you might think i'm immature, being 16 and being in love with One Direction. But it's not just like 'omg they're so gorgeous omg i love them' Its the music. Its the meaning. Its the way that each of the boys' personalitys and characters show in they way they sing. They inspire me so much. My phone beeped and I quickly snatched it reading the text.

'From: Louis

hey, I never caught your name but im sure its pretty to match your face - lou xoxo

My heart started pounding, as a big smile grew on my face.

I saw an attachment on it, and saw he'd sent me the picture he took of me and him. I texted him back straight away.

To: Louis

hey, my names gabriella :') hehe, cute photo! -gabby xoxo

We texted for a while,and then I started getting loads of tweets and texts. Louis had tweeted the picture of me and him, with a caption saying 'the amazing gabriella, i met today x x x x' i screamed with happiness. I was the luckiest girl. I thought.

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