Hurts like heaven

I was just a fan. I had the posters, I had the merchandise. I never thought i'd end up having Louis Tomlinson♥


1. a is for amazing

I tried to make my way through the floods of screaming, crying, even fighting teenage girls. We were all here to see One Direction, come out of their hotel. Suddenly the screaming increased and I felt myself being suffocated by the girls. I couldn't breathe as I started panicking, I hated being stuck in a small place. A mild case of claustophobia. It was like a dream almost, when I felt someones strong hands pull me out of the crowd. 'Are you okay?' I heard a memorable voice say. I looked up to see Louis Tomlinson holding my hands smiling at me. 'I'm okay now' I whispered, bewildered. Was this even happening?

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