Emissary In Love


“Is she here?” a low unsettling voice demeaned,
“Yes.” My normal voice replied, I surprised myself by how cool and calm I sounded. Raising his large grey eyebrows, Mr Sink, looked at me with disproval, with out an invitation I sat myself down in the upholster chair that smelt faintly of cinnamon and smoke. A woman coughed her annoying cough, unexpected and it also sounded unwanted angry I turned around Miss Jibbard, my mentor, frowned her pursed lips in a straight red line, I sighed and turned back to Mr Sink
“You’re no longer new.” He stated, picking up some of the papers that sat on the desk in front of him, and ran his study bare fingers through the pile
“No, sir.” I answered; he frowned and expected Miss Jibbard to answer, she rolled her hard grey eyes and raised her prim grey eyebrows and obvious disapproval, a smart comment lingered on my tongue.
“So clearly you should understand the rules and expectations we keep here.” He continued, keeping my mouth shut, I did


3. Stolen Goods


It was dark outside, me and my mother hadn’t spoken, which I assumed was a good thing. Hitching my self up onto the window ledge, isn’t as easy or as cool as it might sound, swinging my legs over, I tugged my harness and began to lower my self, keeping pressed against the wall, lowinging until I hit the floor. Reaching up, I un-clipped my harness and it pinged up. Having already lowered my belongings before hand, I smiled and reached into my pocket my keys as I crept around the grounds, appearing outside the garages, rummaging through my stuff, I used my hair pin to pick the lock (Spy rule 101) and ran in, placing my suitcases in the back of my Italian Sports car, and started the engine, it purred quietly as I started to drive, the garage closing behind me as I speed up. Luckily it was the middle of the night so I didn’t awake anyone, pleased with myself I drove faster into the dark.


I parked outside the ‘Dovers Doughnuts’ factory, it was deserted as I had expected, driving my sports car in, I used my key and unlocked the door, leaving my car in a small hidaway where no-one would look to find it, pulling a sheet over it, I left it and wondered through the deserted rooms, dust filled ovens that hadn’t been cleared in years, through large doors, when I heard a slowly quiet sweak, pressing myself against the walls, hiding myself, when suddlenly I felt someone on my trail, relising I was here, I fastened my pace as I pushed my way through the metal machinery, up the broken stairs, I gasped as underneath me made way, I was about ten feet up from the floor, grabbing a stiff bit of metal, I remained where I was, consouis of the loud noise, when a pair of Nike trainers appeared, one long tanned arm reached out, rasing an eyebrow and said eyes glistening

“Need a hand?”

“No, Chase. I’m fine.” I said, irritation entering my voice as I swung up and landed on two feet in front of him, raisng an eyebrow he said

“Posh school teach you that?” he asked, I frowned at his upright cockiness, I was hopping for a hug or something like that, but ignoring that I frowned at him and looked at up and started walking

“If you where unaware, was a spy before you!” I said making each word clear, he smiled as I started to walk ahead of him, he caught up with me and walked in pace

“Your dad’s waiting out back.” he answered

“I know.” I replied, he sighed

“On the roof, Alex. He cant be that obvious.” He said catching my arm, making me stop, and turn on him, letting go, he opened the door for me that led to a large set of steep stairs, frowning I started to climb up the stairs, when I we appeared on the roof, it was unessicarly windy, I sighed (wind, not a good thing for the hair, expesically when your stuck with the worlds hottest boy on a roof, which could be quite romantic)

“Everything ok?” he asked, I sighed and nodded as I waited for my dad to arrive.  sitting down on a old air vent, Chase came and sat beside me  “Your father wants something of you.” He stated, I nodded

“Yeah, I kind of asked for it though.” I replied, he nodded and then looked at me

“I’m going to help you.” He stated, he wasn’t asking me, nor was he pressuring me, I nodded and replied

“I know.” without arguing, which controlled a lot of effort, I nodded and repeated “I know.” he smiled and grinned at me

“I wont let you down, Alex.” He said, I watched him and smiled

“Yeah, well. Do you know what it is?” I asked, he shook his head and smiled at me

“We will soon though.” He said and pointed into the distance, as we noticed my fathers helicopter and repeared the words my mother had once said to me when I was six, three words I would never forget

“Daddy’s coming home!”, I whispered softly, he looked at me eyes wide

“You really are that spoilt child of two billoinaries.” He said watching me, I laughed

“Hasn’t anyone told you? Or didn’t you belive them?” I teased, softening up that Chase would be helping me with the task my father was going to give me

“No, I just thought they where being shallow.” He said, I laughed

“Really? And I can say that because I have experienced shallow.” I said, he smiled and watched me as I glanced at my fathers arriving helicopter

“What’s your mother like?” he asked, I looked at him confused

“You’ve met my mum.” I said, disliking the way he said mother

“Yeah. Once, your father speaks of her a lot though, he calls her beautiful and unquie, the other men on the crew laugh and join in on wonderful comments about her teasing your father.” He said, smiling at me. I almost laughed, my mother was pretty she normally had many admiresers

“Yeah. My mother, she unquie alright!” I said, laughing although Chase didn’t laughed he traced my eyes with his

“You get along well?” he asked me, I shook my head and the turned to him and said softly

“Me and my mother, we are two different people, and she doesn’t believe the truth.” I said, he looked ahead and replied to my comment, not looking at me, he stared ahead and whispered

“Maybe because the truth isn’t one, she would be happy to believe.” I looked at him through the darkness, making out his figures, his blue eyes sparkled, his tanned skin stood out amongst his slim figure, his ruffled hair looked so correct in every way

“Maybe.” I replied.


“Alex?” a voice called out through the darkness, the wind had finally stopped whipping around us as the helicopter landed, I saw my dad stood with the doors open holding onto a single rail, hanging out. A normal daughter would be worried about her father, hanging out of the helipcoter, but to me it was like having milk with ceral for breakfast. I smiled and waved, Chase didn’t comment he simply stood behind me, with almost a protective gesture, which I disliked. Chase had asighed to look after me since I had realised what secrets my father had been keeping from me and my mother, when I wanted to know the secrets I was told, I was protect from the danger and Chase was told it was his job to do so. I sighed and smiled and turned to Chase and frowned and put on my most ‘spoilt child’ voice and uttered

“You stay here. I don’t want my dad thinking I have been spending time alone with you.” I said, he frowned and raised an eyebrow

“And that’s a bad thing?” he whispered back smiling cockily, ignoroing him, I waited for the helicopter to land when I ran over to dad and hugged him

“Morning pumpkin.” He said kissing me on the forehead, I turned back to Chase and shouted

“Could you get my stuff?” I asked, he nodded and ducked out of sight laughing gently to himself

“That’s my princess.” He whispered against my hair, I smiled and hugged him, pleased I had impressed him with my downright bossiness, all my friends and past boyfriends new I had to play up the ‘I’m a  spoilt little princess’ when my dad was around but I was doing to the extreme, I thought.  

“Chase, is coming.. you know that?” I said, he nodded, I smiled at him “Good.” I replied, Chase returned, as far as my father was concecered Chase simply was there to protect me and make sure I had everything I wanted and that’s what he was paid for, he wasn’t paid for being my friend or caring about me – like I cared for him.

“Here you are Miss.” He said, playing along almost sarcastically, I laughed softly and grinned at him. My father watched him carefully

“Thanks.” I said quietly, he laughed a low chuckle as my father climbed onto the helicopter and I followed closely behind and took my seat and Chase sat down behind me, although I knew he would move beside me when my father entered his private cabin,

"Chase, do you have my passport?" He asked, Chase rummaged around and produced a small black wallet. 

“Dad, what do you want me to do?” I asked, I had got what I wanted, away from home, now I needed the other half of what I wanted, to be apart of the criminal league

“Nothing yet. You rest, you clearly lost half your sleep.” He said and turned him back on us, pushing open the doors to his cabin and then he turned back and smiled

“You’ll find out in the morning. When we arrive there.” He said and closed the door behind him, I sighed as Chase quickly moved beside me, I looked at him and frowned

“You like me right?” I asked, he smiled playfully

“Yes your higness.” He joked, I slapped him on the cheek playfully, he grinned and smiled at me “Yeah of course I like you.” He said softer I smiled pleased

“Good. now you can go back to calling me ‘your highness’,” I half joked, he laughed and rolled his eyes and the watched me as I closed my eyes as I slowly drifted off to sleep. 

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