Emissary In Love


“Is she here?” a low unsettling voice demeaned,
“Yes.” My normal voice replied, I surprised myself by how cool and calm I sounded. Raising his large grey eyebrows, Mr Sink, looked at me with disproval, with out an invitation I sat myself down in the upholster chair that smelt faintly of cinnamon and smoke. A woman coughed her annoying cough, unexpected and it also sounded unwanted angry I turned around Miss Jibbard, my mentor, frowned her pursed lips in a straight red line, I sighed and turned back to Mr Sink
“You’re no longer new.” He stated, picking up some of the papers that sat on the desk in front of him, and ran his study bare fingers through the pile
“No, sir.” I answered; he frowned and expected Miss Jibbard to answer, she rolled her hard grey eyes and raised her prim grey eyebrows and obvious disapproval, a smart comment lingered on my tongue.
“So clearly you should understand the rules and expectations we keep here.” He continued, keeping my mouth shut, I did


2. A Prisoner in Hell


A long car drove up in front of the school, sighing I realised they had all ready contacted my dreadful mother, I waited for the car to stop when a man in a black suit stepped out, sunglasses covering face large face, but other than that he was tall with his black hair scraped back in a gel formed that looked appalling and slightly scary

“Good evening Miss Clark.” The tall man said, as he opened the door, I sighed and didn’t reply climbing into the back leather seats, the man climbed in the drivers seat and started the car, neither of us spoke the whole forty five minute journey, I just thought, about what my mother would say, what my dad would say, what they would do and what I would do. We pulled up outside the large house, I had been expected to call ‘home’ for the past twelve years. The man in the front, climbed out and opened the door

“Your mother is waiting for you.”, of course! I nodded and thanked him silently and started up the steps, my boots making a clicking sound as I rang the doorbell and a lady in a black and white uniform hurried to the door, her face looked tiered and covered in wrinkles, strands of grey hair escaped from her hairnet

“Oh, dear me. what have you done now?” Mary cooed as she let me into the large house

“Nothing that concerns you, Mary.” I said, walking down the hall way, and I would of sworn I heard her mutter ‘spoilt child’, not that it bothered me, I was spoilt and I enjoyed it, although I had other things on my mind that instant. Mary scuttled off to collect my bags and find someone else to help her carry them, I continued to walk through the palace like corridors throughout the large house. it was usually warm, which would have normally been comforting, despite the fact my stomach was doing summersaults. I knocked on the door, a young woman answered, opening the door

“Morning Miss Clark. Your mother is waiting.” She said, her voice high and English. I nodded and pushed open the doors

“Ah, Alexandra, please take a seat.” She said gesturing to the chairs in front of her, I wondered over and took a seat in front of her desk, almost unwillingly “Your father is busy, I could not bother him with you misbehaviour, his job is to important to us.” She said, talking about him as if he invented air. I sighed and leaded back in my seat, my mother frowned but didn’t comment

“Headmaster Sink called me this after noon.” She said, watching me, I smiled

“About my misbehair?” I said mimicking her horrid slow voice, although she didn’t find it as amusing as I had

“Yes! You where suspend, Alexandra! Do not take it as a joke!” she demanded, shaking her head, her diamond earring’s hitting her neck, I sighed

“Neither do I. but I didn’t do it.” I demanded anger invading my once joking voice,

“Look Alexandra, I do not find this amusing, nor do I want any part of it. Although being your mother, I need to understand your childish games,” she said, looking at me with disgust “so I demanded you remain here for some time.” She said, I almost chocked as I looked at her and gasped

“Why don’t you send me to prison!” I demanded, standing up, she gasped

“How dare you talk about your fathers work like dirt.” She said, as if trying to breathe properly

“Its stolen junk, Mum! Cant you see that?” I yelled, banging my fists on the desk, she looked at me with her eyes wide and her fists clenched,

“Go to your room, Alexandra.” She whispered, her lips as pale as a ghosts, I laughed turning for the door I smiled

“I’m more like my father than you think.” I said rising and eyebrow, with no comment or anything of the kind, I swept from the room. Pulling out my cell phone, I dialled my fathers contepary number, praying he would answer

“Alex?” he asked, his voice low and quiet it sounded husky, it sounded familiar. 

“Yeah, it’s me. Are you okay?” I asked, frowning as I walked around the corner and tucked myself in the small alcove so I could not be overhead 

“Yes, darling. Um, can I help you?” he said, his voice low and gruff like he wanted to be somewhere else. I smiled to myself


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