Bronzeflower's love story

This is the story of Bronzeflower, a warrior of ThunderClan. And how she dealt with growing up and dealing with a love triangle. And the problems and challenges of going from kit to apprentice to warrior to queen to elder.


1. Prologue

 It seemed all nice and peaceful in ThunderClan, well on the outside in the clearing it did. On the inside of a space between two rocks, laid on a nest of bracken, was a golden tabby she-cat. She had her golden eyes closed and around her was sat two cats. One of them was a light brown tom with darker brown tabby stripes and he had brown eyes. The other was a dark orange and brown tortoiseshell and white she-cat.

 The tortoiseshell she-cat said to the tabby "I'm sorry Wildpath but she may not survive, no herbs can help her anymore. It's up to StarClan now."

 Bronzeflower tried to move but she couldn't, she couldn't speak all she could do was listen to what they was saying. She saw a lot of images flash through her head. Images of an attack on ThunderClan. She saw lots of cats raging through the camp. She wished she could open her eyes and see what was happening and also wished she could speak.

 Suddenly, the images stopped and a tom with leopard coloured fur and blue eyes appeared in front of her. He was a StarClan cat. It was Leopardnose, the cat whon used to be her best friend and the cat who had a crush on her.

 He said "It's your time to go to StarClan, Bronzeflower," She felt herself dying and she wished she could have said goodbye.

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