Two Diaries

The bullying theme opened a lot of eyes - here's just one more view on the issue.


1. Jane's diary

Dear Diary,

Today Lulu and her friend Jennifer had a BIG fight. There was a lot of the gossip in the playground and everyone knew about it. It started at break. Apparently, Jenny said something about Lulu’s dad. Said he was stupid to get into some relationship or something. Lulu’s overprotective of her dad because her mums in hospital, although no one knows why… 

Lulu’s a bully; everyone knows that. She punched poor Jenny in the eye and called her a b****. The teacher tried to calm her down but she wouldn’t listen. She kept on punching and swearing like a mad woman! Jenny ended up in hospital with a black eye and Lulu was suspended for a week. I said it should have been more when we heard about it in the playground, but no one listens to me. I don’t know why I try. It’s like I'm invisible. Oh well…


Lulu’s diary


What a b****! Talking about my dad like it’s any of her business! My dad can talk to anyone he bloody likes, thank you very much. I wish she’d shut her big fat gob and go away!

I don’t know what I'm going to do when I get back. She was my only friend; everyone else thinks I'm an idiot because I bully them. I don’t know how else to let my worries out. Why am I writing this rubbish? I sound as babyish as that loser Jane! Jane’s always talking and saying the weirdest thing and she’s always got some stupid comment to annoy me. I guess that’s why I always tell her exactly what I think of her…

I guess I’ll just sulk and wait for someone to feel sorry for me. That’s what dad’s new girlfriend did. Her previous marriage didn’t work out and she ended up on the streets. She sold all her stuff, just to keep alive. All her possessions except her guitar which she busked with. Lucky she did, because that’s what won my dad’s attention. The sweet sound filled my dad’s heart, so he listened to her everyday. One day he built up enough courage to go and speak to her. It all kicked of from there and soon they where in love. Enough romance.

I'm worried about what Jenny will do when we get back. She’s going to kill me! I wish the world would just STOP!


                                                                                              Jane’s diary


Dear Diary,

Today Lulu and Jenny came back. Apparently, Jenny beat Lulu up before school and said to stay away from her. Jenny soon found someone new to hang out with but Lulu didn’t have so much luck. She sat by herself all day and sulked. My best friend Millie felt sorry for her and said we should make friends with her. I disagreed, but she didn’t listen to me.

We ran over to Lulu and Millie nudged me and I said:

“Hey Lulu”

“Hey fart face, come gloat that you’ve got a friend and I haven’t.” She replied coldly.

“No”, I said feeling rather offended “We came to ask if you wanted to play with us?”

“The word’s hang out with us. Anyway, is this some kind of joke? You losers never want to hang out with me?” She said sourly.

“No” Millie replied

“Fine”, she said “If it will shut you weirdoes up!”

I could have killed her right then. We where trying to be nice to her and she was just plain rude. I guess I showed my thoughts of hatred in my face because she pushed straight past me and started talking to Millie. When I say ‘pushed’, I mean shoved me onto the grass and then stood on my foot and gee, she weighs a ton!

For the rest of the day they completely blotted me out. When we had to choose partners for a big science project Millie when with Lulu even though we normally do everything together! At lunch I tried to hang out with them but Lulu dragged me into an empty class room and told me to leave them alone. Ten minutes latter I tried again; bad idea. She grabbed me again and chucked me into a thorn bush then spat in my face. My tear streaming eyes looked up at Millie but she just surged and walked off with Lulu. She didn’t even help me up. With in a minute the whole school was crowding round me. A little boy ran and got a teacher. Miss Richardson helped me up and sent me to the medical room. The nurse was shocked when she saw my red back; so was I. She asked me how I did it. I didn’t know what to say.

“Oh, I just tripped over” She raised her eye brows but didn’t object. I knew that if I had told the truth, I’d never win back Millie’s friendship.

By the time I got home I was nearly in tears. I did my homework straight away and couldn’t eat. Mum kept on asking me really awkward questions and in the end I lost it. I told her to keep her head out my life and ran into my room!

I couldn’t get to sleep that night, and then I got the first text…



Lulu’s diary


Why don’t people leave me alone? Jane deserved that bush in her fat ass, in fact she deserved much more, so that’s what I gave her. That night I sent her a text telling her just what she deserved:

Dear stooped

Everyone hates you, even your ‘best friend’ Millie. You saw right, she didn’t help you when I shoved you in that bush.  You’d be better of dead, in fact I'm gonna kill you if you go near Millie again so you better watch out.


I felt a bit bad when I sent it…but oh well she deserved it. Mum died last night.

I feel like I'm going to explode. As soon as mum left us dad proposed to his new girl friend, Sandy. What a lame name! Sandy? That’s even worst then Jane! Dad didn’t even give mum a funeral or ask before he proposed!

Sandy hates me. She makes sure dad never has any time for me and locks me in my room if I interrupt. I hate her and I want my mummy back.

I guess that’s why I'm doing this to Jane but if I can cope with it, she can. I decided I’d send a few more messages to here. That  lunch I decided to do something else. I slipped a note into here bag. It said:

U B dead


                                                                                                Jane’s diary


I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I stood on the roof shaking in terror. I closed my eyes and counted to ten then…jumped…darkness. 

The next thing I knew I was in hospital. Luckily, I didn’t have a coma. Suddenly my whole story came pouring out. The nurse listened carefully writing it all down in a neat note book then left me to rest. A few days later I was let out of hospital I never saw Lulu again. I found it much easier to make friends when she was gone. It turned Lulu had told everyone to ignore me! I never trusted Millie again but I was still friendly to her. Life’s great now and it looks like a bright future!



Lulu’s diary


Today the police came to school. I tried to act cool when I heard the sirens, but in my heart I knew they were here for me. I was right.

When I got in the police van I saw dad was there. We didn’t speak a word and even though we were sat right next to each other it felt like we were miles apart.

“Why did you do it?” a fat police man asked

“Do what?” I replied but I knew it was useless. The fat policeman glared at me.

“I felt so lost when mum died…” I explained. I told him everything. I will have to go to court because my messages contained death threats and I was expelled. We will have to have a social worker round to sort out our family.

I wish I’d done things differently… 

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