chloe has a hared life putting up with suvire bulling at school. she is one of those kids who you look at think''there so weired hate to be them?''. she has the emo look she badly bullied by the three popular girls at school Kathren and her followers, she has no idea what to do with it. this story proves how bulling and just been mean damages a preson and when prople take things to far there can alwasy be a seriouss consicuence.



i wake up staring at a damp horriable looking roof, with not even a glimmer of hope in my eye. I get out of my bed staring at myself in the mirrior just looking at myself, praying that one day i would become "popular, pretty,skinny!" but when i look in the mirrior all i can see is a pale faced freak.


i used to think i was pretty and had friends in primary school, but oviousky thats not true anymore. so i get out my school cloths and the one thing i loved most my thick black eyeliner. i put on my cloths and and put my eyeliner round my eyes and leave the house, as i try and leave dad shouts" chloe dear y ou need to eat somthing. You'll end up like skin and bones". I ignore him and i just carrie on the long walk to school thruogh the woods and over the hill.


as im walking to school the all i could think about was if they wear goingt to leave me alone for just one day pick on someone els insted but that was noncine.


  i get to school kathren and her followers standing therer like they ruled to world all they did was shout namen at people acting so cool i walk past and they screamed ''creepy chloe'' i try to ignor it but i cant its all to much.

that day felt like it went on for ever.


i got home that day only to deside that i never wanted to go back, i tryed telling father but he just said '' nowonder you and that eyeliner!!''


after another weeek witch felt like torcher i couldnt take it anymore. theyare evil callignme names and things, playing horriable tricks on me spredign rumors distrouying my life i scream i think i might beparinoyed.


At schoo the nextv again week we were tiold we were to take some of our classes to the pe hall because there was w0rk being done to the school grounds and school buliding. In the pe hall, the fire alarm went off everyone screamed and ran out but outside there was a huge hole in the middle of the school grounds. i saw Kathren, Nicole and Clare come over i stared at them as they walk over. "what you looking at creepy chloe!". Clare and Nicole giggled. Kathren and her 'followers' ran up and pushed me and i tripped up and fell into the ditch with looks like it will never end. The whole shool burst out laughing they ran over just to see my torn face crumpled up body,my face ripped off and a pool of blood beside me...


The police arrive and interveiw Kathren and her 'follwers' all they say is she tripped, That he seemed to haunt them for ever and every night as they lay in bed they all saw a torn face and a body covered in blood standing at their doors.

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