The Best Moment Of My Life

Winnie thinks she has a normal life, but when her Mum dies and her Dad goes off to war she thinks differently...


2. The Big News

Dad broke the news yesterday. He's going off to war in Afghanistan. I wouldn't believe it when he told me.

Dad also told me I had to go to London to stay with Auntie Jean and go to the local school: Mulberry High. Whoopee.

That Saturday dad and I went to Trafalgar Square on the train then took a bus to Auntie Jean's apartment.

Auntie Jean gave me so many hugs and kisses. She showed me where my room was and helped me unpack.

Dad helped to, but was mostly texting on his phone to his boss. Then suddenly dad said, "Okay Winnie, George says I have to go now, and meet him at the office. Bye."

Me and dad did a bit of crying but then he walked out the door.

Auntie Jean made me some tea, which was nachos, and then I watched some TV and went to bed. It was an early bedtime, 7:30 but I think I needed it.

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