The Best Moment Of My Life

Winnie thinks she has a normal life, but when her Mum dies and her Dad goes off to war she thinks differently...


4. Parents Evening

Miss Burlington gave us a letter about parents evening today. She called me to have a little chat with her.

"Hello Winnie," she said.

"Hi Mrs Burlington," I replied.

She gave me a stern look. "I've told you and your other classmates many times before that my name is Miss Burlington, not Mrs."

"Yeah, who would want to marry you!" I muttered under my breath.


"Oh nothing Miss," I said quickly.

She raised an eyebrow at me. "Anyway, Winnie, I called you up here to tell you, I mean order you, to give that," She said pointing to the letter in my right hand. "letter to your mum."

"Mum's dead." I said quietly. "You should know that. You're my teacher."

"Well you must give it to Daddy then."

"Dad's at war in Afghanistan. You should know that as well."

"You've gotten into a lot of trouble lately, young lady. And I expect to see you guardian at the meeting," She informed me. "You may leave to go to break time."

"Oh yay! Such a pleasure!" I said sarcastically.

"Don't be cheeky," she said firmly, but smiled all the same.

* * *

Of course, I didn't give Auntie Jean the letter. But she found out anyway.

* * *

"I've just had an interesting chat with Miss Burlington today, Winnie," Auntie Jean said.

"Oh really! What did she say?"

"Well she asked me if I had gotten the letter about parents evening yet, so I said "what letter?" and she said "the one I gave to Winnie to give to you." So I got a little confused after this phone call and, Winnie, you have a lot of explaining to do."

I didn't say anything back to her, just went to my bag, pulled out the big, brown envelope, and held it out to her.

"Thank you," she said, opening the letter.

* * *

Auntie Jean had to go to parents evening but I stayed at "home" and watched TV. When she came back she did not say a word, but at tea time she blurted it all out.

"Miss Burlington said that you are being bullied!" She blurted out, a spray of spit flowing from her mouth to my plate.

I pushed my plate away and shrugged.

"What have they been doing to you then eh?"

I shrugged, again.

"Winnie, this is serious, and I need you to answer me. NOW!"

"Alright, alright! They just squashed my lunch. No biggie!"

"What? I pack you that lunch!"

Before I could answer, there was a knock at the door.

I walked over to the door and opened it.

And standing there, was a policewoman.

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