The Best Moment Of My Life

Winnie thinks she has a normal life, but when her Mum dies and her Dad goes off to war she thinks differently...


3. Daisy

I went to school that Monday. Daisy said I had no right to be here and WHAM! She smashed my lunch against my locker that I had been assigned to just that morning. I had no money for lunch after that so I went without. I spent the time in the library, looking up Afghanistan, just to see if it was safe for dad.

I had been at Mulberry High for just over a week now. Daisy had continually started to squash my lunch every morning as soon as I got to school, but I always remembered to bring spare money for a new school dinner.

I never told Auntie Jean about it. She would've rang the school and the Head would've gotten involved and the bullying would've gotten even worse.


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