An impotent visionary seeks purpose through his family life. An experiment in summary fiction. The youth of a blood elf magister.


4. Four

The messenger reaches him in the evening. They delayed because they did not want a highly visible arm of Silvermoon law causing any sort of scene in public.


‘You are a magister first,’ says the official once she has been welcomed inside, ‘and I hope you will keep that in mind when considering the importance of self-discipline and restraint.’


A Farstrider scouting party has been ambushed and destroyed by Amani trolls. The identities of the dead have already been confirmed; Baelmyrr need not worry about doing that himself. They found Daelythir a short distance away, propped against a tree with a gash across his leg. He bled to death, they say.


There is a military funeral that he attends but can’t recall.  Allévansis says they read out the names and treated the bodies with utmost respect. She says it was a dignified ceremony. A worthy ceremony.


Baelmyrr locks himself away. Nothing could be, or ever was, worthy of his brother.

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