April has the perfect life. Tons of caring friends & family members. Her new boyfriend is perfect too, but what happens when they make the biggest mistakes of their lives?


3. Third Date

     Our third date was definitely the most memorable. He told me we were going to go for a walk in the woods. Romantic, right? So I get ready, trying to still look as great as you can going for a hike in the woods. I decide on a lose fitting shirt, it's dark blue, with sparkles sprinkled on it. Lots on the top, fading as it reaches the bottom of my shirt.Then, under that, a white tank-top. For pants I chose some jean shorts with a couple of tears here and there. I look in the mirror, not satisfied with what I see. So, I add a little foundation, liquid eye liner, mascara, and sparkles to top it off. Perfect. Brenton texted me saying he was outside. I slip on my converse, and before I walked out I took a quick look into the mirror. He is waiting outside of his car, he walks up to me and gives me a kiss. I stare into his eyes and just smile.

     "You look amazing, I'm the luckiest guy in the world!" he says while smiling the whole time, making me turn as red as a strawberry.

     "Thanks, you look great too," I say. We head to the car and he opens my door for me. I giggle and thank him.

*two hours later*

     "APRIL!" I hear Brenton yelling.       "BRENTON! I'm over here!" I yell back. I had fallen and Brenton went back to the car to get something for my ankle. It felt like it had completely snapped in half. "It hurts so much Brenton!" I scream, tears welling up in my eyes. They start to trickle down my face.

     "I couldn't find anything," Brenton pants, running up to me. "I couldn't even find the car." My eyes get wide as I hear this.

     "No way," I say in disbelief. He wipes a tear off my face with his thumb. Then he pushes my hair behind my ear and kisses me. He pulls me up and gives me a piggyback ride. We walk around looking for a house that would let us use their phone to call our parents or someone to come get us. We finally find a small house out in the middle of the woods. We knock and a man comes to the door. We ask to use his phone and he agrees. Brenton calls his friend Jordan to come get us and Jordan said he'd be here in less than an hour.

     "Did you get a hold of your friend?" the man asks. Brenton informs him that we did. "Well, you two could sure stay until he gets here." he offers. I told Brenton we might as well. "Would you kids like some food?"

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