April has the perfect life. Tons of caring friends & family members. Her new boyfriend is perfect too, but what happens when they make the biggest mistakes of their lives?


2. Second Date

Our second date was just as great as the first. I remember it like it was yesterday. He called me one morning asking if I wanted to go for lunch and then to an amusement park. I happily agreed and got ready. It took about one hour for me to finally be satisfied. I apply a little bit of foundation and some sparkles on my eyelids. I finish it off with a liquid black eyeliner. I study myself in the mirror. I decided on a purple racerback top and some jean shorts splattered with white. To top it off, I wore a green tank top under the racerback. I felt great and hoped that Brenton would think I looked nice. I wait around until he called, saying he was here to pick me up. I open the front door and see him sitting in the car. He looks up, sees me, and smiles. He gets out of his car while I shut and lock the door behind me. He runs up to me and gives me a hug, holding me there. I felt protected, like nothing could happen to me. It felt right to be there with him

     "Wow," he started, "you look gorgeous. Beyond words, in fact." I felt my face turn red. He hugged me again, and when he let go he held onto my shoulders, observing me from head to toe. "Just wow.." he said while his voice trailed off. I just stood there smiling, I was speechless. No one had ever been so nice. He hooked his arm onto mine and walked me to his car. He opened my car door and helped me in. 

     "Aww, such a gentleman," I tease him. He pushes my hair behind my ears and smiles at me. I smile back, butterflies going crazy in my stomach. "So where are we going for lunch?" I ask while he hops in the driver side of the car. 

     "Just to Olive Garden," he says while turning the ignition and looking at me. He pulls his seat-belt down and buckles it, which reminds me to do the same.

     "I would've been fine with Subway or McDonald's," I say, feeling guilty that we were going somewhere so expensive.

     "I want to treat you like a princess. You'll only eat the best food with me," he replies while turning over his shoulder to back out. He laughs at his stupid in a cute way joke. 

     "Well, how sweet are you," I say while playfully smiling at him. He looks at me and smiles. His teeth are perfect. His eyes are just gorgeous. The rest of that day was amazing. If I was scared on a ride, he would hold on tight and reassure me that nothing would happen. He'd laugh at me when I was scared, but then I ended up enjoying every ride. Once we got back to my house, it was around 10 p.m. He apologized for keeping me so late, grabbing my hands and holding them while looking into my eyes.

     "I had a great time today, I hope you feel the same," he says, while getting closer to me. I feel the electricity shoot up my arms. I smile back. 

     "Of course I had a wonderful time," I answer him, moving closer to him. We look into each other's eyes for a while before sharing a long, meaningful, passionate kiss. It was one of my favorite times with him.


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