April has the perfect life. Tons of caring friends & family members. Her new boyfriend is perfect too, but what happens when they make the biggest mistakes of their lives?


4. No Ride

"No, thanks though," Brenton says.

"Come on, I insist," the man pleads.

"Actually, we just ate," I tell him. Brenton looks at me, I could tell he was creeped out.

"You guys can watch TV in the TV room" the strange man suggests.

"Sure, that sounds good," Brenton says, still a little creeped out.

"It's right around the corner," he tells us.

"Thanks." When we get into the strange room, we sit on the stinky couch. "Brenton, this place creeps me out," I whisper.

"Me too" he says, so I get closer to him. He scoots closer to me too. Then we just cuddle with the TV off, to afraid to turn it on. We just sit in each other's arms. Then we kiss, a long and passionate kiss. It made everything go away, where we were, what had happened, EVERYTHING. We just couldn't stop, and I definitely didn't want to, but we were in this creep's house. I back off, and Brenton just looks at me sadly. "Is there something wrong?" he asked.

"No, it was great..It's just that...we're in this creepy guy's house, and it's kind of killing the mood," I say.

"Oh... Maybe we could go outside?" Brenton suggested.

"Yeah, I am sure Jordan is here by now."

We creep out of the room. We look around the corner, and the man is holding Jordan up against the wall. That changed my mind about this guy. "We gotta get Jordan."Brenton whispers to me. "What if we get cought!"I say. "I'll protect you, trust me."He said. "I know you will, but he scares me." "Then I'll go by myself." He told me unsure, yet trying to be brave. " No, I won't leave you." I say as serious as possible, when really I am terrified. " Ok, let's go." We peep around the corner and Jordan is all bloody, and the guy shoves him into his closet. Then he is headed for us. We quickly head back to his TV room. My ankle is killing me by now. So Brenton is looking at me asking me if I am ok. I say ya, lying of course cause my ankle hurts like freaking crazy. Then the man starts talking to us again. "What have you two been up to?" "Nothing much."Brenton said. "Ok, I'll be in the other room."The man said. "Have you seen Jordan? At all?"Brenton says "Nope, haven't heard anything either." He said even though we knew that he was lying.

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