April has the perfect life. Tons of caring friends & family members. Her new boyfriend is perfect too, but what happens when they make the biggest mistakes of their lives?


1. Brenton

Brenton is the perfect boyfriend, anything you could want plus he's super cute. He's going to pick me up tonight at 8 p.m. He says that he is going to take me to a private place, that I can't tell anyone about... It almost sounded a little strange when he first asked me, but I forgot about it. I just decided to go for a walk. I start to think about our date, then I get the eery feeling that someone is following me. I turn around and no one's there so I just pick up my pace, causing my hair to fly around on my face. Once I get home, I get ready for our date. I chose to wear a purple strapless dress. I put on my makeup, going with natural and not too flashy, and I get a text from Brenton. He is waiting outside. We drive to this place that's like the places in the movies, where it's a cliff, and people make out. Well that's what this place is like. Except no one is here, so it's basically just a cliff. It's so romantic. The sky is that pink and orange color that always makes you feel warm inside. I have that feeling right now. I can't stop smiling. We look into each others eyes, for what feels like forever. His eyes are that enchanting green. I get lost in them, just instantly like a trance. Then we kissed. It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced.

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