Disappeared by night.

When a bunch of high school pupils find themselves to be the only people left in their little town they really don't take much notice, thinking its a prank. But then they discover its more serious than they first thought.


9. Day 2: 2


“What was that?” Christopher asked. “I don’t know, we need to find whatever it was talking about.” Emma added. “What if it’s just a sick joke?” Kyle questioned. “Don’t you get it!!? It is NOT a joke!!! We need to find these things and we aren’t going to do that standing here!!!” I snapped shouting at Kyle. “Well how are we going to find them? What if they aren’t even in this town? What if they are miles away?” Kyle shouted right back; I was going to reply when I heard a horrible yelp. I would recognise it anywhere; it was like the one Ruby let out when I stood on her foot. Something was wrong. "Maybe they're all back." Erin suggested and I shook my head. “Something’s wrong with her, come on.”

We ran round the corners until we got to my back garden. There stood a man, fully dressed in black, holding his hand out towards my dog. She was on the ground yelping in pain. “OI!” I shouted and ran towards the man. He disappeared and I ran to Ruby. “It’s ok.” I stroked her fur, trying to relax her. Slowly she fell asleep. “Who was that?” Morgan demanded. “It’s our mysterious host.” Christopher stated, looking at my windows, pointing.

In the same red liquid all over my windows there was more writing.

 ‘Looking down from the bird house, you find a hole fit for a mouse. Water used to flow so great, but along came man to fill it in, which I believe should have been a crime. To find the first shard you have to go low, and get a little bit dirty.’ There was a little symbol underneath it, a picture of a cloak and thunderbolt.

“Ok that makes no sense.” Ross stated, I repeated the words. “What does it mean birdhouse?” Erin asked looking at us all. “Water used to flow so great? What does it mean?” Emma scratched her head, thinking. She looked into the old tree that stood in my garden. “There’s a birdhouse.” She pointed, hope flickering in her eyes. “Didn’t you used to have a pond Ashleigh?” Morgan questioned but we all knew the answer.

“Yeah my granddad filled it in last year.” Then it dawned on everyone, the shard was under our feet. 

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