Disappeared by night.

When a bunch of high school pupils find themselves to be the only people left in their little town they really don't take much notice, thinking its a prank. But then they discover its more serious than they first thought.


7. Day 1: 7


It had been a few hours and the boys had gotten their way. We had had a few drinks. I shut Ruby in the house so she couldn’t accidently get away. Even though she couldn’t do any harm now that we were the only living things around. I didn’t have a lot to drink but began to see things blurred. Morgan sat on Ross’s lap constantly whispering into his ear making him sheepishly grin. My head began to feel like it was full of air and I couldn’t stop giggling and hiccupping. I felt dizzy and spoke a lot of rubbish.


“You know... The... The day we... the day we... became the only ones in wick... Was the best... the best... day... ever. Its flabberfantastic.” I spoke to Erin but looked at Emma. I thumped onto the ground and closed my eyes. I could hear the slurred voices and whispers. I didn’t care. I wasn’t worrying or complaining, but I did feel sick. Next minute all I could hear was the sound of moans and near tears, as I opened my eyes to see Christopher being sick and Emma rubbing his back. Before I knew it Kyle was spewing as well. The sight made me sober up a little. “Alright I think we have had enough... ummm.... ummmm.... fun for tonight. Let’s go home. Do you guys want to stay at mine?” I staggered to my feet and began to waddle home. The rest followed me.


I stuck the key in the lock and opened the door to find ruby sitting where I left her looking innocent. She was half asleep and began to growl when the door opened when she realised it was me she stopped and greeted me. I showed people to their rooms. Emma was in my granny’s room, Erin my mums, Morgan was in Sophie’s. The boys had to sleep on the couches unless one wanted to sleep in a cot. I found an old fold up camp bed one of them could have. It wasn’t really good but it was better than nothing. Personally I would pick the couch. The bed was lumpy and you could feel the springs whenever you moved.


I lay awake staring up at the roof covered in white paper. The darkness seemed to be closing in, I couldn’t get the free view to work and my DVD player was packed away somewhere. I don’t like the dark one little bit. I always feel like I’m being watched or going to be mauled to death by a monster. For protection I kept Ruby in the room with me. I knew there was no one left in the town, but you can never be too cautious. I stroked her ears and when she began to snore I knew she was asleep. She seemed so happy just to be in the room with me. I felt a lot safer with her there. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep slumber. 

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