Disappeared by night.

When a bunch of high school pupils find themselves to be the only people left in their little town they really don't take much notice, thinking its a prank. But then they discover its more serious than they first thought.


6. Day 1 :6


Ross wrapped a shirt from a randomer’s washing line round his hand and punched the co-operative window in. “Ummm Ross.” Morgan stood in front of the doors and they opened. Ross blushed and quickly went inside. “You’re paying for that!” Erin called to him laughing. “I will write an IOU.” He shouted back from the shop. I tied ruby to the black pole that was cemented into the ground. I didn’t want her running about the food and knocking things over. The lights flickered on and off. Without people controlling the electricity things would go off soon. I worried that we would run out of electricity and heat. We grabbed all the food we could.


Fruit, chocolate, bread, and pizzas. We grabbed everything that we would need. But apparently to the boys that meant crisps and chocolate. Morgan came running round the corner. “Look what I found.” She gestured for us to follow. We sped round the corner and into a large room filled to the rafters with boxes and cases of food and drinks. “It’s enough to last us at least a year.” Erin ran over pulling some plastic off a box of pies. “Look what I found guys!!” Kyle struggled to pull out a massive crate, Ross then ran to help him. “Vodka!” Christopher shouted prying open the crate. I shook my head. “You can’t be serious?” Morgan asked closing the lid on the crate. “We are all alone and you want to drink?” Morgan looked outraged for once. I think it was finally dawning on her that we were alone.



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