Disappeared by night.

When a bunch of high school pupils find themselves to be the only people left in their little town they really don't take much notice, thinking its a prank. But then they discover its more serious than they first thought.


4. Day 1: 4


I found bread and a selection of fillings. I got the chopping board out and cheese and began cutting. Emma helped me. “See got these girls making me a sandwich.” Christopher mentioned to Ross. I picked up the big knife which was the first I grabbed out the drawer and really shouldn’t be used for making sandwiches. “You make a comment like that again.” I pointed the knife at him and he put his hands in the air. Emma giggled and Ross chuckled. “That’s you told.” Ross patted him on the back and left to find Morgan.


I went back to finishing the sandwiches. I chucked one to Christopher who had been complaining for me to hurry up. “Guys come get something before the Sasquatch eats it all.” Christopher screwed up his face at my statement then continued to eat. The rest flooded in and took a sandwich. I was beginning to think maybe this wouldn’t be that bad. I began to enjoy myself.


I put Ruby on the lead and we all left to go have a look around town. We searched shop after shop, empty. The police station not a person in sight. I began to see the better side of this. It would probably only be for a few days and we had complete control. “Christopher how much do you want to bet I could drive this car?” Kyle looked into a blue mini. The keys were in the ignition. “£20.” Christopher offered holding out his hand. “Easy money.” Kyle stated, shaking his hand then opening the door and climbing in. “Don’t.” Erin moaned but it was too late Kyle had started the car and got ready to reverse out.


He hit the car behind him and then the one in front. Luckily it wasn’t that badly damaged. “Nice driving.” Christopher called. Kyle gave him the finger and then slammed his foot on the throttle. The car went flying and we screamed while Ross and Christopher laughed. The car slammed into the wall and the airbags deployed. We ran towards the car. The door slowly opened and Kyle thumped onto the ground. Moaning. He had turned pale and wasn’t moving.


“Kyle.” Erin got to him first and was on her knees. Wanting to check he was ok but never dared touch him in case of any serious injury. We all surrounded him. “Are you ok?” Ross helped him up and Kyle held his arm. “Easiest £20 I have ever made.” We all laughed as Christopher shoved a £20 note into Kyle’s pocket. “I think my arms broken.” I struggled to hold Ruby back. Forcing her to sit down. “Let’s go to the hospital.” Ross suggested. “But there isn’t anyone there.” Morgan looked confused. “But there is equipment we can use to bandage him up and there should be pain killers.” Ross and Christopher helped Kyle to start walking.


Kyle was traumatised after the crash and had forgotten to walk. “Plus we can try some surgery.” Christopher joked making Kyle chuckle. “Yea we can cut you open and see how big your brain is Christopher.” Kyle flinched when he his arm hit off Christopher’s. “As long as I can get some of that laughing gas.” Christopher replied laughing trying to lighten the mood.



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