Disappeared by night.

When a bunch of high school pupils find themselves to be the only people left in their little town they really don't take much notice, thinking its a prank. But then they discover its more serious than they first thought.


3. Day 1: 3


I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. It didn’t take me long to get home. I pushed my hand into my pockets scrambling for my keys. I pulled out the Kangaroo key ring that held on tight to my brass key. I tried to open the door but my hand was shaking too much. “Come on!” I got frustrated kicking the door. “Calm e’ beans Ash.” Emma put her hand on my shoulder. “I need to know if their home. They have to be.” Erin took the key and opened the Carroty orange door. I tripped over the step trying to get inside.


“Mum!” I called but there was no reply. I scrambled up the stairs. Taking the steps two at a time. I flung my mum’s bedroom door open. The bed lay unmade and creased. I saw her go to bed last night. My heart began to race. “Mum! Granny, Granddad! Matthew! Sophie, Megan!!!” Only silence answered as I checked every room. I sat at the top of the stairs and buried my fists in my hair. I wasn’t used to having nobody, I used to be an only child then my family grew and I had just gotten used to it. Now they had just vanished. In the space of one night.


“Ashleigh, are you ok?” Morgan crept up the stairs. Behind her standing were Emma and Erin. “Where are they?” I looked at them, trying to fight the worry and desperation to see my family. “We will find them. Don’t worry, they’ll be somewhere safe.” Emma tried to reassure me. I couldn’t fight it. I needed my family. I promised my sisters I wouldn’t let anyone or anything happen to them and they were taken away. I took a deep breath closing my eyes. Something kept telling me they would come back, that they were safe. But right in the back of my mind somewhere, I knew they weren’t. Then I heard a faint yelp.  My eyes fluttered open.


“Ruby.” I jumped down three steps and then again, racing to the bottom. I ran past Christopher, Ross and Kyle who were searching the channels for something to watch and digging into a big packet of crisps. I slid along the wooden floor in the kitchen just missing the side of the breakfast bar and opened the door. I jogged into the coal shed and kicked open the door. In the cage I saw a shape moving under the quilt. Yelping and whining. “Ruby.” The shape stopped moving and a head popped out of the cover.

Ruby’s tongue lolled out and she barked with excitement. I finally didn’t feel so alone. I clicked open the cage and was greeted with slobbery kisses before she took off to use the garden as a toilet. I smiled feeling safe with her around. Pulling out her pink bowl for food and metal one for water I topped them up and set them on the grass for Ruby. She let out a doggish grin and began her daily ritual of sunbathing. I sat on the bench that went all around the big tree and watched her.


“Ruby!” The girls flooded out and hugged her. She covered them in greeting kisses and then a bark that I suspected meant ‘Hello’. She jumped up next to me and sat on my lap. The little beagle was unaware of the crisis we were in. I wanted to swap places with her. Sure she wouldn’t see the world in colour but at the moment she couldn’t see the bad things that were happening. When the boys swaggered out she went off her nut.


She didn’t recognise them and began a barking frenzy. “What is that?” Ross backed toward the door. “Umm it’s a she and it’s Ruby.” I patted my lap and she retreated to me not taking her glare off the boys. I gave her a biscuit. “Are we going to get this party started? It’s already 12 and I need food.” Christopher looked around at nothing in particular. “I will make something, how can you be hungry you guys just ate the massive bag of Doritos’s” he shrugged. “Come on Ruby.” I whistled and she followed me into the kitchen.



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