Disappeared by night.

When a bunch of high school pupils find themselves to be the only people left in their little town they really don't take much notice, thinking its a prank. But then they discover its more serious than they first thought.


2. Day 1: 2



Shouts filled the hall. “See they are all inside.” The mood lightened as we looked for everyone. We entered the hall to find Kyle, Christopher and Ross belting out the words to ‘Summer Loving’ by Greece and they were acting out the moves. The most disturbing part was Christopher was playing Sandy with what I could only describe as a dead poodle or a mop head as hair. They weren’t in tune. We burst into hysterical laughter. When they realised we were here they froze. Like a deer or rabbit trapped in headlights.


Their faces turned cherry red and Ross pulled the dead poodle off Christopher head. We were practically in tears. “Great boyfriend you got there Morgan.” Erin forced out the words through her laughter. “I know, talented aint he!” we tried to pull our acts together. I couldn’t look at them. I looked at Christopher. “Sandy you seen anyone?” he quickly shook his head. “What bout you Danny.” Morgan walked up to Kyle. “Nope can we actually forget what you just saw?”  Erin moved towards Kyle and patted him on the cheek. “Never.”


“Where is everyone?” I walked around in a small circle. “Don’t worry, they are probably somewhere. Let’s go to reg.” Emma pulled on my arm. “Come on Erin, Morgan we will all go to Miss Bennett’s room.” We all headed for the door. “Wait, we best come with you.” Ross ran after us. “Why?” Erin smirked. “For... Protection. It might be really dangerous.” I held back a laugh. It was choking me wanting to be released.


“Come on then.” Morgan grabbed Ross’s hand pulling him through the swing doors. The rest of us shook our heads running after them. Kyle and Christopher shared a sly comment before smirking and following us, slamming the double doors behind them.

We stood outside Miss Bennett’s room and no one was to be seen. I began taking deep breaths. Trying to calm myself from the growing fear that everyone was gone. Morgan and Ross sat laughing on the stairs. They forgot about the whole world when they were together anyway. “Should we go inside?” Erin placed a finger on the door handle. “What if no one is in? And everyone is gone?” I asked the question that must have been ringing in everyone’s head, with the acceptation of Ross and Morgan.


“Well, if no one’s here it means party time.” Christopher clapped his hands together. Erin and I glared at him. He grinned, thinking it would be the best thing in the world if they just disappeared. “God! I will open the door.” Emma grabbed the handle shoving it down and swinging the door open marching into the room.


It was empty. A few papers scattered on the desk, but otherwise empty. The desks lay untouched and chairs unmoved. The sight sent a shiver up my spine. Emma turned a pale white and Erin clenched and unclenched her hands. Christopher popped his head in the door and Kyle walked in past him. “Creepy we are in an empty school.” Kyle whispered. We all went quiet. I swallowed down the lump forming in the back of my throat. “I have to go.” I turned and ran out the classroom. “Ashleigh wait!” Emma ran out the classroom after me. “What’s wrong with her?” Morgan turned her attention away from Ross and towards the slamming doors. “We don’t know.” Erin ran after closely followed by the others.



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