Disappeared by night.

When a bunch of high school pupils find themselves to be the only people left in their little town they really don't take much notice, thinking its a prank. But then they discover its more serious than they first thought.


1. Day 1: 1


“Fudge!!!”I could feel my fingers sizzling when the straighteners touched them. I stuck them in my mouth trying to sooth the burn. It didn't work. I tried not to swear in the house in case my mum heard me. I was currently living with my whole family in one house. It was crowded in the mornings, but today it was quiet for a change, it was almost peaceful. With my hair reasonably straight I wandered downstairs. Not a person in sight.


“Mum?” her bedroom door was closed so I suspected she was asleep. She would have been up with Megan last night and deserved a good rest for once. I waddled down the stairs missing the same step I missed everyday and tumbled down, skidding on the carpet that covered the wooden stairs. I picked myself off the floor and ran into the kitchen careful not to sound like a stampeding elephant. I grabbed a bowl and the box of COCO POPS. I drowned them in milk until they floated to the top. I looked at the time. “I’m going to be late.” I shoveled the cereal into my mouth grabbing my stuff and headed for the door. “Bye mum.” No reply. I shrugged closing the door.


It would only take me two minutes to get round the corner and into the death trap of a school. But secretly I couldn’t wait because I would see my friends. The street was bare. Not even a sound came from the school. No cars running back and forth dropping the kids from farther over the town or the ones just too lazy to walk. No buses or others walking towards the school. “It better not be an in-service day.” I muttered under my breath.


When I turned the corner I could see someone walking in the distance. Dressed in black and white. I waved as I recognised Emma. I walked up the stone steps until I got to the front of the school where I met Emma. “Where is everyone?” I looked around the place was deserted. “Don’t know, maybe we’re late?” I shook my head. “Doubtful.”                               


“Hey guys!” We turned and saw Morgan running waving her arms in the air. Closely followed by Erin. “Have you guys seen anyone?” Morgan panted the words out. “My mum’s not home. None of my family are.” Erin gasped when she arrived. Emma and I exchanged worried and confused looks.


“Ok I’m worried. I never heard from anyone in my house and there is seven others living with me.” I shifted my weight from one foot to the other. “Ok guys they are probably playing a joke. Let’s get inside and there will be someone there.” Emma tried to remove the worried atmosphere and take our mind away from it. We all agreed and headed inside.



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