Old Oak

I liked the idea of an old oak growing for hundreds of years, watching the world change around it, but itself never changing. There's also a magical element to it, and a hark back to the simpler times of the past. 'Arcady' in the poem is Arcadia, the unreachable Utopian land that refers to a vision of complete harmony with nature. Hope you like it.


1. Old Oak


With a romantic view of the past before me, I wish I were born to a different era, where the grass grew tall, the rivers ran slowly, and the stars at night shone clearer.

The sun beat down upon his back, the weary traveller sought shade in an oak tree; he got out his book and put down his pack, but then a new thought sprang up so suddenly.

He looked up at a branch above him, and then his eyes cast down to the floor, where he picked up an acorn that had fallen, and planted it down by the lake shore.

As it grew, many lives dwindled in its shadow, countless seasons never halted its advance. The world ever changing all around it, unwavering and perpetual in its stance.

From the highest leaf was visible Arcady, some say the top couldn’t be attained, Stories became folklore, became legend; Its planting and origin unexplained.

Birds nestled gently in its limbs, the tangle of branches that never intertwined, Alas, those around it; disenchanted, the love for the great tree slowly pined.

Now long forgotten, along with the legends, it retreats solemnly back into the ground. The world on which it thrived just an echo, its untold beauty never again to be found. 

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