The Midnight Stallion

A mysterious black stallion gallops through the land every night at midnight. But he is not an average horse. There is something special about him. He cannot be tamed but he hides a secret. Something special about him that no one knows. No one has tried to befriend him. Until now.


2. Waiting

Night. Not long til midnight.                                                                                                      
My parents are in bed. I am the only one awake. I am lying in wait on my balcony. A full moon is out. It casts a silver light over the path beside our house. I have waited years for this moment. Mother always told me few have ever seen the midnight stallion. Tonight I hope to be one of the lucky few.
A gentle breeze blows through my hair. I pull my dressing gown around me. Not long now. I listen out for the sound of hooves and look around for the black shadow as he gallops by. Nothing. Just silence.
I will wait a little longer before going to bed. I'm not giving up yet.

Midnight. Still nothing. Where is he? Is he really just as my mother said? A fairytale? No! I know he's real. I will see him. I just have to wait.

It's now 1 in the morning. Still nothing. I am starting to feel tired. Maybe I should give up. I will need to be up for school. But I still refuse to admit he's not real. I know I will see him. Maybe tonight wasn't the night but one day I will. I just have to wait.

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