The Midnight Stallion

A mysterious black stallion gallops through the land every night at midnight. But he is not an average horse. There is something special about him. He cannot be tamed but he hides a secret. Something special about him that no one knows. No one has tried to befriend him. Until now.


10. True Friends

My parents are really proud of me over the grade I got for my presentation. We had a celebration dinner. It was great. It's the weekend tomorrow so I'm allowed to stay up later since it's not a school night. But I'm not sleeping tonight. I need to see him. I just hope he will forgive me. I know he's no ordinary horse. To me he's a true friend.

I've done all my homework so have the rest of the evening free. There's a movie coming on so I decide to watch it before bed. My mum brings in a bowl of popcorn for me. The film is a comedy. I remember seeing the trailer for it. It helps to distract me from thinking about tonight.

When the film is over I decide to go to bed. I slip into my pyjamas (in case he doesn't come) and pull out my sketchbook. I haven't drawn anything for a while. I know I used to love drawing and other kinds of art such as painting and textiles. I suppose I ran out of inspiration. Then something sparks in my mind. I picture a night time scene with a single black horse rearing beneath a full moon. It's too late to start painting it. I'll do it in the morning.

A full moon comes out. I have left my bedroom window open and a cool breeze blows in. Outside it is peaceful and quiet. I gaze out at the giant pearl in the sky surrounded by millions of glittering diamonds. I check my clock. 11:59 pm. I only have a minute to wait. But why would he come? I betrayed him. But I have tried to put things right. I just hope he will find it in his heart to forgive me.

Midnight. I can hear a gentle drumming in the distance. Hoof beats! I grab my trainers and sneak out of the house. But this time I hide behind the garden wall. He may just be galloping past. I can see a dark shape coming down the path. He's coming. At least I can see him one last time. As he nears the house he slows to a trot, then a walk. He stops just in front of my hiding place and looks around. I can hear him breathing and see his breath against the darkness. I barely breathe as I wait for him to move on again but he remains still. Cloaked against the darkness of the night. I cautiously gaze up into his soft brown eyes. There is no anger there, no fear. Just calm.
"I know you're there." I hear him say gently.
I slowly stand up so he can see me.
"I did what I could." I say barely breathing, "I wanted to show you I'm sorry. To make things right again."
The stallion doesn't move. "I know."
There is a slight pause. Neither of us speak. We just watch each other. Eye to eye.
"Why did you come back?" I ask.
"You tried to right your wrongs. Only a true friend would do that. I am now just a legend once again. I can be free like I was before. Thank you."
He turns to leave.
"Please don't go." I beg before I can stop myself.
He turns to look at me then gently nuzzles my arm. "I won't. You are a true friend, Laura. The only human I will ever trust."
I climb over the wall and reach out to touch him. He doesn't flinch. I gently stroke his neck. It is soft as silk and shiny as the night sky.
He swishes his black tail a little nuzzles me again. I feel a shiver down my spine.
"Get on my back. I want to show you something." he whispers.
I hesitate. The stallion snorts then kneels down. I reluctantaly swing my leg over and cling to his mane.
"Trust me." he whispers again. 
"Where are we going?"
"You proved to me you were a true friend and that I can trust you. I will show you my secret."
He gets up and begins to walk down the path. I cling on tight as he breaks into a trot.
"You won't fall. I'll keep  you safe." he says reassuringly as he begins to canter.
We are now galloping full speed. I feel the wind whip through my hair and listen to his hooves as they pound the ground. Although we are travelling really fast they barely make a sound.
"Hold on tight!" he cries whinnying in excitement. Next thing I know the ground is falling away from us. I can't believe it. We're flying! I can see my house surrounded by rolling fields. I feel both terrifed and exhilerated at the same time. It is a clear night so there are no clouds. The stallion gives another whinny.
The moonlight hits us and for a moment I think I see him differently. Gleaming white with a silver horn. I laugh out loud as we soar high above the small village near my house.
"This is amazing!" I cry out.
I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him. He snorts in reply.
"We must go back soon." he say, "But first I will explain."
We start to descend. I can see my house in the distance. I don't want to leave. I want to go on forever. As his hooves touch the ground we gallop back to the house. Eventually we slow to a trot then a walk. When he stops outside my house I slide of his back.
"You must get back but I will explain first." the stallion snorts.
I sit on the wall and wait patiently. Anything to make this last a little longer.
"I'm sure you've heard of unicorns." he begins.
I nod eagerly, "You seemed to become one when the moon shone on you."
"I am actually a descendent of the unicorns. I am called a uniblood. But I am the last of my kind. We were hunted and killed long ago." he pauses for a short sad moment as he seems to remember, "That is why I didn't want you to reveal my secret. Why I can't trust humans. My master I broke free from knew what I was and wanted to control me. You showed me that I can trust you."
"Do you have to go?" I am nearly crying.
"I promise I will return. Unibloods never break a promise. Especially to their friends." he replies.
I hug him tightly.
"I love you." I whisper in his ear.
He nuzzles me again. "I will see you again. Now go."
He turns and gallops away as I sneak back into the house. As I sleep that night I dream I am flying with him again and I wonder. Will he return?

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