The Midnight Stallion

A mysterious black stallion gallops through the land every night at midnight. But he is not an average horse. There is something special about him. He cannot be tamed but he hides a secret. Something special about him that no one knows. No one has tried to befriend him. Until now.


4. Second Attempt

The rest of the school day went quicker than I expected. I guess it was my eagerness to get home. I'm going to look out for the stallion again tonight. Maybe this time I will be luckier. I go on Facebook for a little to discuss project ideas with my friends. Most of them don't seem to know any local myths or legends so they're doing ones from elsewhere. I'm pleased. It means mine will be original and something no one has heard before. Some seem to say that they've never heard of the midnight stallion but want to learn about him. Even better. I am determined to prove he exists. I will see him tonight and then work towards befriending him.

Once again night has arrived. I have done my homework and am sitting in my room preparing. I want to use my camera but it may be too dark to get a proper photo. I'm not going to sit on my balcony tonight. Tonight I'm going into the front garden. I will hide behind the front wall.

It's almost time for bed. I'm not sleeping. I can't risk missing this. I can hear my parents going up to bed. I will wait until they're deeply asleep. Then I will sneak out to catch a glimpse.

1 hour til midnight. I can hear snoring coming from my parents' room. It's time. I pull on my jacket and quietly open my bedroom door. I tiptoe through the hallway and down the stairs. I find the front door key hidden behind a curtain. It's cool outside. The moon is out again. I silently close the door behind me, crouch behind the garden wall and wait...

It's almost midnight. Everything is silent so far. I'm not giving up hope yet. The grass is cold and damp beneath me. I try to ignore it. I need to stay quiet.

Midnight. Nothing. Maybe I should call it a night and try agiain tomorrow night. Wait! What was that? I think I hear noise. I peer over the wall. Nothing. Maybe I was hearing things. No, wait, I can definately hear something. Yes, I can hear hooves. Could this be it? I peer over the wall again. I can see something moving in the distance to the right. There is a shadow. It's moving closer. Is it? Yes! It's a horse! The legend of the midnight stalllion is true. He's coming. I duck behind the wall hoping I won't be seen. I can hear him coming closer. I can his galloping hooves and his breathing.

He suddenly stops. Right beside my hiding place. Does he know I'm hear? How will he react? Will he run away? Will he fight? I gingerly peer over the wall. He is right in front of me. He appears to have stopped to graze. He is just as mother described in her stories. He is completely black all over with soft brown eyes. The moonlight catches his silhouette with a silver line. I feel I have never seen anything so beautiful. Should I try to get closer?

I quietly climb over the wall. I carefully edge my way towards him. He suddenly senses my presence and raises his head with pricked ears. Seeing me he steps away nervously then tosses his head in fear before stamping the ground. Just as he is about to gallop away, without thinking,  I hold up my hand,.

"Wait, don't go. Don't be scared. I won't hurt you." I whisper gently.

The stallion looks at me warily then reaches out to me with his nose.

I widen my eyes in shock as I hear a voice ring out clearly in my head.

He seems to be talking but his mouth doesn't move, "I know."




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