The Midnight Stallion

A mysterious black stallion gallops through the land every night at midnight. But he is not an average horse. There is something special about him. He cannot be tamed but he hides a secret. Something special about him that no one knows. No one has tried to befriend him. Until now.


9. Making Amends

My presentation is ready. I have talked about the midnight stallion again but now added hints that "occurred in the story" that would prove it to be not true. My heart races as I walk to English which is first this morning. As I settle into my seat I pull out my notes and read over them again and again. I need to get this right. My friends are discussing their presentations but I say nothing. I don't want to give it away.
My name is called and I nervously stride to the front of the classroom. A grade A and forgiveness are what I need right now. I can't mess this up. I can feel my heart thumping at my ribs like a caged bird trying to escape. That's how I feel as twenty expectant eyes stare at me.
I begin with a nervous tone. "The midnight stallion is a well known legend. Every night at midnight he can be seen galloping freely through the fields."
My confidence improves as I continue. I know I have to do this.
"But the big question is: is he real? I can tell you he is. He is real in everyone's hearts and minds. He has never been seen so we can begin to question his existance. Yes, he doesn't exist in real life but as long as there are those who believe in him. He will live on forever."
I'm finished at last. The class gives a small applause. I just hope that somehow the stallion knows I did this for him and that he will forgive me.
As I sit down at my deak by the window I hear heavy breathing coming from outside. I glance out of the window but see nothing there. Only a shadow that quickly disappears.

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