The Midnight Stallion

A mysterious black stallion gallops through the land every night at midnight. But he is not an average horse. There is something special about him. He cannot be tamed but he hides a secret. Something special about him that no one knows. No one has tried to befriend him. Until now.


6. Choosing Sides

Saturday at last. Two whole days without school. I now have some free time to work on my project. I keep recalling the incredible experience from last night. I still can't believe I actually came face-to-face with the Midnight Stallion. My friends would be so jealous if I told them. But I can't. If I did I would be betraying his trust. Then I would never befriend him. I stare at myself in the mirror. My reflection stares back. Then it seems to talk back, " What will you choose? A grade or a friend? You can't have both. In the end you will have to choose where you loyalities lie." I shut my eyes and turn away. It isn't real. It's my imagination talking. My conscience. The voice is in my head now. "You can't get away. You must decide. Eventually you must decide." I want to scream. To banish the illusion from my mind. I have already made my decision. I know which side I chose. Then why am I questioning myself? "Is a grade really more important than a friend?" The voice is filling my mind. I can no longer push it out. I look at my reflection again. I gasp in horror. My reflection is smiling.

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