The Midnight Stallion

A mysterious black stallion gallops through the land every night at midnight. But he is not an average horse. There is something special about him. He cannot be tamed but he hides a secret. Something special about him that no one knows. No one has tried to befriend him. Until now.


1. A Story?

"Tell me again of the Midnight Horse." I begged.
My mother laughed as she stroked my soft, brown hair, "For a ten year old, you sure love your bedtime stories."                    
My mother was an amazing storyteller. I loved all her stories but my favourite was always the story of the midnight stallion. I allowed her to pull my bedcovers round us both as she told the story,
"The midnight stallion was once an ordinary domestic horse. But his owner was cruel. He would whip his horse and leave him without food or water for days if he felt like it. The poor horse would do his best when ridden and never put a foot wrong but his owner would show no compassion or kindness. Then one night, the horse had a dream. He dreamt that a unicorn spoke to him and told him he didn't need to live like this. He could rebel and escape.."
"What did he do? Did he escape?" I would ask eagerly.
"Yes," my mother would reply, "the next day his owner was riding him and began to whip him mercilessly. Enough was enough. The stallion reared until his owner fell off then galloped away so he couldn't be followed. He would only run at night because he knew that he would not be seen. His black coat provided camoflage against the night sky. His owner has never found him to this day. You can still see him gallop thorugh the countryside every night at midnight as he tries to find true freedom."
I would smile and wonder, "Has anyone ever seen or tamed him?"
My mother would just smile and reply, "Few have seen him and even fewer have tried to tame him. The truth is that he cannot be tamed. He trusts no one."
"Has no one tried to befriend him?" I would ask."Not yet," my mother would reply, "he is not an average horse. There is something special about him. No one knows what it is. Maybe you will become his friend and find out why he is special but for now you should go to sleep."
Before I went to sleep I would murmur, " I see him in my dreams. I run with him. One day I will find and befriend him. I can help learn to trust again. "

I am now 15. I know that the time has come. My mother always tells me it is just a story but I know it's not. I will find him and I will teach him to trust again.

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