Dead Love

When Emily finds love at her new school, everything is perfect. But when a dark secret is discovered a there is a terrible realisation: A life may have to be lost to keep a love alive.


1. A New day

As I arrived at my new school it's dark shadow loomed over me. Something about it sent a shiver down my spine. I approached slowly and people began to stare. Most of them seemed goth and were dressed in complete black. I had never felt so out of place. Their eyes followed me right into the school.

I was wearing a bright pink sweater which was attracting so much attention so I ran into the first classroom I saw. The teacher was asleep on his desk and the rest of the room was empty. I sat down and stared into the rain and the hale and tried to remember when the storm had started in my life. Suddenly there was a rattiling at the door handle and a guy walked in. I tried to leave as quickly as possible but bumped into him as I was leaving. I looked up nervously and allowed myself a small sunshine. It seemed that a ray of sunshine was beginning to break through the dark clouds.
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