Writing on the Wall

My name is Lyra. I am 17. I don't remember my family, my friends or the boy I once loved. I only know one thing. I am dead.


7. Secrets and Lies

I stare at the photo of us together. We look so happy. Happiness that had been extinguished like a candle flame. I feel a tear sting my eye. Callum is silent behind me.
"When I realised what happened to you. I...I wanted...wished..." he trails off.
"What?" I ask.
He watches me with glistening eyes, "I wanted to tell you I loved you."
I don't know whether to smile or not. My mind is clouded like a moonless night.
"I'm so sorry..." I hear him murmur under his breath.
I gently stroke his face. He flinches at my touch.
"You're freezing."
I bow my head and close my eyes. Fog swirls through my mind. Hiding all I know from me. I want to scream at it. Make it go away. Most of all I want to remember. I hear Callum whisper in my ear,
"I've been hiding something I didn't want anyone else to know."
I wait.
"I know who your killer is."
The fog starts to clear as if commanded by an invisible force. I see another image. It's Callum. He's kissing someone. Someone else. A blonde girl. Sadness floods me again. This is an upsetting memory. I then see another memory. My final memory is played again. But this time I see my killer. It is the girl whom Callum was kissing. I see her eyes are filled with hatred and anger.
"He never loved you. He has me now. He won't miss you."
I know these are the last words I ever heard alive because next I feel a sharp pain as she slams the photo frame into the side of my head. My vision swims then turns black.
I open my eyes and look at Callum.
"Who is she? The girl?" I ask.
"Tanya Rivers. I used to date her. She was jealous of you. I dated her for a while when we were just friends. But then I broke it off with her saying you were the one I loved not her. Tanya was furious. She ran from the cafe where I had met her. I didn't know where she went. I only heard she had been arrested on suspicion of murder. I had no idea it was you."
"Why?! Why!" I scream in fury.
Callum collapses on the bed, "I'm so sorry. If I had known I would have stopped her."
I glare at him, "So it was you. It was all you. This is your fault."
I'm taken aback by his reply.
"You're right. It is. I know it is...I think she did it...because I told her to."

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