Writing on the Wall

My name is Lyra. I am 17. I don't remember my family, my friends or the boy I once loved. I only know one thing. I am dead.


6. Secrets and Evidence

"You know who it was, don't you?" I say quietly.
He looks at me with shiny eyes.
"No, I promise. It's just remembering what happened to you. It's hard. I...I liked you. I feel like I've ruined my chances with you." he chokes as his eyes fill up with tears again.
I try to put my arm round him but it just passes through him. He shies away from me like a spooked horse.
"You're so cold. How could I let this happen to you?"
I gaze out into the hallway avoiding his gaze. "You said my blood was on a photoframe. Was there a photo in it? Who was it of? Where is it?"
Callum holds his head in his hands as pushes his hair back as he tries to think. The he stares at me in shock.
"It was of you and me. A silver frame." he gasps then begins muttering, "No...it can't be...she couldn't...she wouldn't..."
I ignore him and turn to the photo I looked at earlier. The photo of Callum and me together...in a silver frame. I grab it and scan the frame.
"You probably won't find anything. It will have been wiped clean." says Callum behind me.
I hold up a hand to stop him as I spot something in the bottom right corner. A little hint of brown-scarlet. Dried blood. My blood. Callum was right.

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