Writing on the Wall

My name is Lyra. I am 17. I don't remember my family, my friends or the boy I once loved. I only know one thing. I am dead.


2. Mysterious Boy

Before I can get help. I need to find out who this mysterious boy was. I wish I could remember him.

I drift into a room that I know used to be my bedroom. It's still the same as always. It seems like a normal teenager's room. A tv on a shelf, a bookcase filled with books, a desk with a laptop, a bed covered in stuffed animals, posters on the walls and a bedside table with a lamp, alarm clock and a photograph. This is who I used to be. When I was alive. I drift over to the bedside table and examine the photograph. It's me. I recognise my blue eyes and soft brown hair. I seem to be with a group of girls. Friends? They all seem the same age as me. I wish I could remember them.

There is another photograph on the bookshelf. This one is different. It's me but I'm with a boy. I feel like I know him but I can't remember him either. There is a caption beneath the photograph, "Callum and me on our first date." I feel a lump come to my throat. I clearly like this boy, really liked him. I can see why. The photograph shows "Callum" with brown hair like mine except his is slightly lighter. He has lock of hair over his left eye. His eyes are soft brown. I understand why I liked him.

This is the boy I used to love. The boy I need to help me. I don't know where he is now, or if he's even alive. I need to find him. Or I'll never know how I died. If I fail, I will suffer for an eternity.

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