Writing on the Wall

My name is Lyra. I am 17. I don't remember my family, my friends or the boy I once loved. I only know one thing. I am dead.


3. Memories

I find a photo album and my eyes fill with tears. So many memories. Memories I have forgotten. Most of them are me with Callum or friends. One in particular catches my eye. It is of me with my friends. It seems to be during the summer holidays. We are at the beach, splashing in the water. Waves are crashing down around us. We look like we are having a lot of fun.

I wish with all my cold, still heart that I could remember.

Crash! What was that?
I wheel round to find a book has fallen from the same shelf the photo album was on. I pick it up and flick through the pages. It seems to be a diary. My diary. I find a page that says "contacts" with a list of names, phone numbers and email addresses. Feeling excited I scan through them until I find the name 'Callum'. His phone number and email address is written in curly joint writing below. I decide to use the email address because I don't want to freak him out by ringing him. I quickly switch on the laptop and open up my email.

But what should I say? I can't just say "I'm dead and need you to help me find out how I died."
I pace the room like a bored child trying to think. Then it hits me. I turn back to the laptop and start typing...
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