Writing on the Wall

My name is Lyra. I am 17. I don't remember my family, my friends or the boy I once loved. I only know one thing. I am dead.


8. Confessions

I can't believe what I'm hearing.
"WHAT? You told your ex-girlfriend to kill me after ending it with her! Your ex? Do you have any idea how sick that is? DO YOU?"
Callum sits bolt upright, "No! No! It's what like that. It's not like you think."
I throw up my arms in disbelief, "How can I think of it any other way? How?"
Callum is silent for a moment. I can tell he is trying to formulate what he is trying to say. "I didn't tell her to kill you. She must have got the wrong idea."
I gaze out of the window as a bird flies past. Free as the wind. Unlike me.
"I wanted you to help me, Callum. I thought you could help me. Clearly I was wrong. You betrayed me. You lied to me. You..."
I'm cut off from finishing my sentence as Callum kisses me. Really kisses me, not passing through me. I can feel his lips warm against my cold ones. I wait for him to pull away. But he doesn't. I move in a little and he does the same. I close my eyes and gently stroke his face. He doesn't flinch.
"Tell me the truth." I whisper.
He sighs, "Ok, here it is. I broke up with Tanya and she went ballistic saying I loved her first. I told her the relationship was going nowhere and I loved you not her."
"Go on."
He hesitates before continuing, "She tried to persuade me to fall in love with her and forget my feelings for you. I decided to drop the bomb and said I would rather see you dead than fall in love with her. She was clingy, vain and selfish. I heard her murmur, "That can be arranged." under her breath. I had no idea what was going on in her head."
I kiss him again.
"I understand now."
I suddenly realise he's crying.
"I can't believe I didn't try to stop her. I could have stopped her. Oh Lyra, I love you. I do. I love you, Lyra. I hate this. I wish I could do something to help you. But what? Wat can I do?"
But I can't answer him. I wish I could. I close my eyes. I suddenly feel a cool breeze. I open my eyes and look around. Everywhere is white. I'm in a big, white empty space. I'm clearly not in my room anymore.
"Do you love him?" a voice booms.
I hesitate before replying, "Yes."

"Do you want to be with him?"

There is a slight pause then, "But you can't live again."
"Please," I plead, "there must be a way. I can't lose him."
"There is one way. He must surrender his most prized possession. He must give it to you and say he chooses you over it. If he does then you will live again."
Then the white fades and I'm back in my room. Callum is still murmuring to himself, "What can I do? What can I do?"
"There is one way." I said hesitantly, "You must surrender your most prized possession."
There is no hesitation.
"Ok, I'll do it. You mean more to me than anything else. I'll go and get it from home. I promise I'll come back." he says eagerly then runs out of the room.
I sit on the bed and gaze out of the window as the sun rays penetrate the darkness of the clouds. I suddenly feel my heart start to beat. I gasp and air rushes into my empty lungs. 

Suddenly there is a loud screech, followed by a bang. My heart stops and my breathing falls silent.

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