Fighting for Taken Love

A girl goes out with her best friends crush leaving her friend devastated and suffering from depression.


6. Revenge

 Dear Diary,

I am now taking revenge... Though I'm finding it hard to cope with everything I have thought of something. Hallelujah. Well, my plan is to suck up to Tommy and make him mine - show that girl that if she has got my loved one I can just as easily have hers, tomorrow is thursday, I need to ask him if he wants to go to the cinema on friday with me so I can show Ana how I can cope without her. Hopefully Tommy will not notice it is set up.

Ok, now I can talk about the visit to the shops I went on after school. I hot a new pair of Raybans and a pandora bracelet. Rolling my skirt up tomorrow and the tie is hanging low with top button undone, I also bought thick mascara and eyeliner, sparkly 6 hour gloss and blush. No tan, thats gross. Hopefully I wont get in trouble for having my hair down tomorrow.

Im ready diary and if you dare take me down, guess what, I am getting straight back up,

Love Charlie xx
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