Fighting for Taken Love

A girl goes out with her best friends crush leaving her friend devastated and suffering from depression.


7. Happiness - finally!!

Dear Diary,
Today there was a complete change of character in Charlie!  She no longer carried a look of mourning but in its place was a look of determination and confidence.
It relieved me to see that back on her face so I loosened up and had a great day with Michael!
Did I tell you I also went shopping this evening!  I brought some funky purple converse as well as a beautiful pair of ear-rings.
Since I'm pretty much back to normal (with the exception of a massive hole in my heart that Charlie has left) I decided that I'm gonna let my hair down and had some real fun. Live every day as it comes and just be young!
Wow diary, just letting my emotions out with pen and paper has put me in such a good mood!  Haha I feel like doing the Macarena! But I won't. Because that would just be weird.
Anyway I think that things have got so much better!!

Love from a extremely hyped up
Ana xxx
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