Fighting for Taken Love

A girl goes out with her best friends crush leaving her friend devastated and suffering from depression.


5. Feeling Blue

Dear Diary,
That didn't go well... I told her but she kinda exploded. I didn't Catch a word of what she said as she blabbered away but I did catch her last words "I hate you Ana!" before she walked away sobbing.
I hope I didn't upset her to a level that's cant be undone but I hope she knows that I am upset too.  Luckily I have Michael, my amazing shoulder to cry on.
I am going round his house tomorrow to sort things out.  I think I made the right decision though.
I must keep this entry brief for I cannot afford another sleepless night for there are exams fast approaching.  I feel horrid for not writing in you yesterday night after it happened but I was just too emotional.  However writing my feelings out today has really helped.
I hope things will get better between me and Charlie but somehow I think our saying of 'Mates Before Dates' has failed in this situation.

Ana xxx
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