Fighting for Taken Love

A girl goes out with her best friends crush leaving her friend devastated and suffering from depression.


3. Cowardly Decisions

Dear Diary,
I just can't pluck up the courage to tell Charlie about me and Michael.  It frustrates me so much!  I think she may have noticed that I have been hanging round with him a lot but I am worried it will hurt her feelings if she finds out we are dating.
I try to avoid her to avoid telling her.  It's terrible. She helps me through everything and we are so close it kills me to stay away but I am a coward and can't face the conversation that is sure to happen.
Me & Michael as well as some of his mates are going to be cinema on Friday, he says we should invite her but he doesn't know that she doesn't know.  I know I should tell him what's going on but then I would have to tell him she likes him. I can't tell him this because for a start I never tell other peoples secrets and secondly he (being the good person he is) would ask why I said yes to going out with him without asking Charlie first. Oh Diary, what shall I do??
I know I must tell Charlie eventually but I keep delaying it.  If this goes on much longer the situation will worsen.
That's it. I shall tell Charlie tomorrow.

Ana xxx
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