Fighting for Taken Love

A girl goes out with her best friends crush leaving her friend devastated and suffering from depression.


2. A bit confused.

Dear Diary,
I am worried about Ana, she is acting strange and hanging out with Michael a little more than me. I am feeling protective and I think that I should tell her she is making me feel kind of weird with the way she is acting. I would love to ask you, even though I know that it is one of the most impossible things in the world that you cannot answer, if you think that she is starting to like Michael. I must agree that he is stunning, but my crush with Ana, what a no-no. Those cute eyes are irresistible and that his hair is so soft.

Diary, I am scared maybe I should just leave it but.. Never mind, no one cares at the moment anyway. The butcher was rude to mum today, he told her to hand over more than she was supposed to pay. Gosh, I am so distracted with Ana and Michael that I cannot think straight. Right, tomorrow I will tell Anna that Tommy is the one for her, she is always admiring his dun grey eyes, his boring dirty blonde short hair and his fit body. She is always saying in that wispy dopey voice, "Oh my! Look at him. He is so PENG!" PENG means fit and I definitely disagree.

I think I made a mistake today diary. I allowed myself to say out loud that George's butt was blooming cute. Butt how would I know. I made pun there, see Diary. I believe that some days I cannot talk to Ana. She is so off and rude on days and some she doesn't talk to me. I am really annoyed and today was one of those days, let's see only 3 weeks left of school then we are in the next year of high school. Wondering if Ana is going through puberty...

Less talk, more research for rockets in Physics,

Love Charlie x
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