Fighting for Taken Love

A girl goes out with her best friends crush leaving her friend devastated and suffering from depression.


1. A new relationship

Dear Diary,
You'll never guess what happened today! Michael asked me out!! I said yes (of course I mean he is sooo fit!)
He wouldn't have been at the top of my list of guys I would like to go out with but I doubt Tommy (no.1 on my list) would ever go out with me any way and I am such a sucker for big brown eyes like Michael's.
It was so romantic!! He says "Hey Ana, can I talk to you for a moment??" and I'm all like sure.  Then he just asks me out with one of Shakespeare's sonnets!!
I hope Charlie won't mind... You see, Charlie has a tiny crush on Michael. Okayy I won't lie to you, she fancies him soo bad! But the oher day she told me that she liked George's bum so maybe that means shes moved on???
God, who am I kidding? She is gonna kill me.  Maybe i shouldn't tell her... No that would be  a terrible idea we tell each other everything.  I think I should just tell her straight and hope she takes it well.
Any way as much as I care about Charlie I don't want her to ruin my bad mood.
Wish me luck breaking the news to her tomorrow.

Ana xxx
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