Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


4. Titanic,

They had gone in fifteen minutes when they finally came down to the beach. The sun was going down and the sky was incredibly beautiful. It was fantastic. Amalie ran around in the sand along with Niall. They are now matched very well together. Zayn and Liam walked a while in front of the others and talked and pushed each other and walked back Jeanette together with Louis and Harry. Louis put his arm over his shoulder at Jeanette, and she felt the warmth ran through her body. She looked up at Louis who was a head taller than her. When she looked up she looked deep into those beautiful blue eyes. Jeanette hastened to look down into the sand again, as she blushed.

Niall and Amalie had thrown their shoes and stood in the water. Amalie began to splash water on Niall. He grinned revenge architrave and splashed water on Amalie, she screamed and started running. It was a long time ago, Jeanette had seen Amalie so happy. Niall lifted Amalie and went longer and longer out into the water where he eventually hold your breath and dived under the water with Amalie in his arms.



"Let us bathe!" cried Louis, throwing all my clothes, except his red underwear. Jeanette was completely gone. Louis was very delicious. Amalie also threw her clothes so she eventually had only bra and shorts on. Jeanette stood at the edge and watched while the others had already jumped into the water and bathed. Louis and Harry stood and whispered in a while and then began to go up against Jeanette. Jeanette laughed and began to run, but Harry and Louis caught up with her quickly. Louis grab hold of her and hold her in his embrace. Harry grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. Jeanette could not even resist as much as she laughed. Louis grabbed her legs and carried her into the water as a bride. They all splashed around in the water.  

Niall jumped onto Amalie and dipped her down underwater. After a while they came out of the water again, both very red in the head. The others had begun to move out of the water, so Amalie ran out of the water to catch up. Jeanette had seen that they hold in your hand, it had the other boys too, but as soon as Niall and Amalie came up to them, they left as nothing had happened ..

 "tssk .. Amalie already has a flirt with Niall" Jeanette giggled and laughed to himself.  

Jeanette really hoped on Niall and Amalie got something together, more than what they had now. When they got home the boys decided to invite the girls down to see a movie.   They would like.

  "Horror movies" cried Amalie and Niall in the choir.   "I would rather watch a love movie" Replied Harry and flirty look over to Jeanette who was facing the door frame.   Louis looked confused and then he pointed to all the movies and started to say "partial belle." "This". cried Louis and showed them the "Titanic". Jeanette looked astonished at the Amalie. Fuck, why this .. All other than that. Jeanette knew she would start to cry .. she had cried all the other 37 and a half times she had seen it, so why not this time?   The boys had already sat on the couch and was ready to start the movie. Amalie sat beside Niall, while she smiled flirtatious with him.  

Jeanette stood, not knowing quite where she would sit .. After a while Louis went up and lifted her over the couch, so she sat on top of him.   Jeanette lay with her legs over Harry. When they were well into the movie took Niall, Amalie's hand. How romantic to hold hands while you look Titanic. Jeanette had sat and admired Harry for a while when he finally looks up and got eye contact with her. She blushed and smiled a little smile while Harry smiled flirty and laid his hand on her leg and began to nuzzle her. Jeanette was a pink cloud, she did not know what she should do.

Louis put his hand over hers and slowly wove his fingers in between hers. Harry stood and walked quickly into the kitchen. Jeanette got up and ran into the kitchen for him. Jeanette stood in the door opening and looked questioners at Harry, who stood and looked out the kitchen window .. She closed the door behind her quiet, then she walked slowly toward Harry.  

She could see his face in the window glass. He looked sad. Jeanette understood nothing. 


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