Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


11. Sorry Jeanette

I knocked gently on the door. Since there was nothing but a faint sobbing from the room, I decided to go in to him. I could see Harry was sitting on the bed edge. I did not say anything just sat beside him. I stroked his back still with gentle movements. I wanted to run out of room. I could not bear to see him. I was disappointed, crushed .. I hated him for what he had done to me. Hated him for what he webbing at me. It was indescribable what he made me feel. I wanted him to suffer. I want him to have the same pain as I had .. But I could not handle seeing him like that. His beautiful smile would not disappear. His beautiful green eyes should not be wet! He deserved it, but I could not .. I carefully laid my head on his shoulder.

"Sorry Jeanette" whispered Harry almost silently. I did not know what to say. He looked me in the eye and gave me a gentle kiss on my lips. I pulled myself away quickly. I look surprised at Harry, who just sat and looked me in the eyes. "You think you can just say sorry also it's all okay?" I said aloud. Harry put his hand on my "No Harry. It's not okay!" I cried now and was on his way out the door. Harry took hold of my arm, "Jeanette hear" Did he calmly I angered me, I tried to get out of his grip. I would not look at him.


Harry's perspective:   "Jeanette listen." She squirmed to get free of my grip. I would not let her go, I would not let go. I was in love with her. It was so silly of me. If I could I'd do it all differently. It was not meant to be. I was drunk, but there was no excuse. I was ready to kneel for pardon. Ready to beg until she eventually forgave me. I would explain to her what I felt. I tried desperately, but I could nothing say. My gaze was held at her eyes. Her bloodshot eyes were beautiful, though filled with tears, they were beautiful. I was stuck in the moment. I could not touch me, no matter how much I tried to get word on my lips, there was nothing. I was stiff as a sudden. I could not do anything. I stood as petrified. I hold tightly to Jeanette. I did not think about that maybe webbing hurt her. The only thing I thought of was that she might leave me. I could not let go. She began to scream my name. Shortly after, Louis and the others rushing into the room.   Jeanette cried. I stood still with a tight grip on her. "Harry. Release her" crowds a voice hardbut still gently. I could clearly recognize Louis' voice. I slowly loosened the grip on Jeanette and fell slowly to the floor.

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