Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


12. reject for self being rejected ..


Harry's perspective

What was that I was doing? It was Jeanette I wanted. Only Jeanette. All I wanted was that it should be her and me .. Me and her. Jeanette and Harry, Harry and Jeanette.  

My body is numb. I sit on the cold floor. I want Jeanette, I will do anything for her. I can give her .. EVERYTHING!.

  I just sat there and look at Jeanette beautiful face. She was crying ... she cried a lot .. She does not deserve the tear. I am not worth the tears ..  

Jeanette perspective

  Louis took my hand. "Come Jeanette" said Louis, pulling a little in my arm. I got stuck in the floor. I could see Harry was sorry .. He was crushed.

Louis kissed me gently in the hair which removed my gaze from Harry's bloodshot eyes. "Come on darling." Louis whispered in my ear. I walked with him toward the door, when suddenly I heard Harry shouting .. He was agrarsiv, sour, sad. "Jeanette!" Harry's voice crowds through the room. "Take care of her," Said Louis and pushed me gently over to Niall. Niall nodded and gently took my hand and pulled me into the room to Amalie. I sat and cried in Nialls arms. I know it should be Amalie I cried at, but not now .. She would not understand it .. She was so happy, I would not put my problems on her .. I've done so many times. She deserves the best.

  Louis perspective:  

I stood in front of Harry. He was angry, he was really angry. He stood 20 cm away from me. I had never seen Harry so. His always smiling green eyes, was completely filled with tears. "How could you" said Harry urgently. "You know I love her! You knew so much about it, you know how much I'm in love with her, you knew more about what I felt for her than I did Louis!" Cried Harry. "You do not deserve her," I whispered, but loud enough for Harry to hear. I could hear how Harry's breathing became faster. I could feel how bobblede anger inside him. I stood as stone. Harry's eyes boring into mine.  

Harry's perspective:

  "I hate you" I whispered low. I did not know what I had started in. I was so angry. I was ready to kill a Louis anytime. I was ready to punch him so he could not walk. I was ready to make my best friend hurt. Only because of Jeanette. "I hate you" I said again and again. I walked slowly closer to Louis. I put up a tough facade. I had not seem vulnerable. I want Jeanette. It was his fault that Jeanette did not want me. Everything was his fault. "So Punch Me Harry" said Louis hard and looked me in the eyes. I screamed my lungs full force. I lifted my hand as Jeanette came dangers through the door.'  

Jeanette perspective:

  I heard a scream. It was Harry's voice .. I could clearly recognize it, yet it was so different. I check the room when I saw Harry standing threat against Louis. He was ready to punch him. Without I thought about it I screamed. I screamed so loud I now "HARRY!" My voice cracked. He stiffened suddenly and looked into my blue green eyes. His eyes were hard. I could still see how quiet tears began to stream down his cheeks. I ran over to Louis. I hugged him, I would not let go of him. I could feel that Louis was shocked. "I love you" I whispered softly in his ear. I had a feeling that Harry heard it, because as I said it, he fell slowly down on his knees. It hurt to see Harry so. I pulled myself away from Louis. I walked slowly toward Harry who still sat on the floor. There I stood in the middle of the room and looked at Harry. The only thing I saw was Harry. As he sat there with his beautiful face buried into his hands, "Come," I could hear from Liam who still pushed Louis out the door. I sat quietly down to Harry. I was worried how he will react. I was afraid of him, yet I felt so safe. I put my arms around his muscular body. His body shook. He had always seemed so strong, but right at the time he was weak. He was helpless and extremely vulnerable.

  Harry's perspective:  

 I could feel a pair of soft arms around my body. I thought it was Liam. I did not respond, I just want him to leave me in peace. "Harry" whispered a beautiful voice. It was not Liams it was ...   It was Jeanette voice. I turned quickly and looked straight into her blue green eyes, which were still filled with tears. It warmed my heart that she was not gone. I knew Jeanette was right for me! I let go of her and let her love louis, yet she came back. I looked into her beautiful eyes. Our lips came closer and closer together.   

Jeanette perspective:  

His face came closer to mine. Soon our lips would meet if I did something. "Harry, I can not" I whispered softly, and took him into a hug.   We had set ourselves up in bed, where we had sat for 3 hours just held each other. I could feel how much he really loved me, but I could also feel that he had given up. Respected that it was Louis I wanted. He had understood that it was Louis I loved most.   I heard some laughter from inside the room. It made me think of the others. I should also soon go out to them. I heard the girl laugh .. When yes, Danielle and Elenor had come 2 hours ago. I had forgotten that they had said hello through the door. Harry was asleep, so I crept slowly into the other. When I came into the room I saw the others, but where was Louis and Elenor. "Where is Louis.?" I whispered low. I could see something was wrong, which froze all together .. "Jeanette wait" said Niall and held out his hand for me. - I rushed out of the living room and into the guest room. I could feel how my heart stopped beating. Again, let the person I love the very most. It might not be right.   There was Louis on top of Elenor and raw tongue kissed her. I could not grasp it. why? WHY!


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