Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


9. Party, sex and heartbreak.


I woke up slowly.

I felt warmth and love. My heart beat fast. I could hear my heart beat ..  

No, wait .. It was not my heart I could feel. It was Louis'. I was completely against his masculine toned body, while his strong arms hold me close to him. I put my hands against his chest. I could feel his breath. I could feel his breath blew softly to my hair. I enjoyed his muscular body, I enjoyed his company. I enjoyed just being with him, feel him, keep him. Everything about him! I noticed a couple of soft lips against my forehead. I looked up in a pair of beautiful eyes. A pair of beautiful eyes, who had admired me for a while without my realizing it.

  "Good morning beautiful, did you sleep well?" He asked, flirtatious, but teasingly. I kissed him gently on the cheek in response. - I got to go make breakfast food. When the food was finished look I get to wake the others. Louis sat and admired me, admired how I walked around in Harry's T-shirt.   He admired my tan legs go around him, while I woke the others. I went Toward Niall and amalie, which still lay on the couch together. They were still in the same position as when they fell asleep. Niall lay with his arms around amalie. I could almost see the loving glances they had every time they look at each other.

"UP! IS BREAKFAST!" I shouted and smiled Lovely to Louis who still just sat and looked innocently at me.

It startled liam when my shrill voice cut through marrow and bone. They all sat and looked annoyed at me. Except for Harry he lay still and .... Slept. He slept! "You have to get up Harry" I shouted and jumped onto him and pulled the blanket from him .. GOOD! His body, his masculine body! He pulled the covers over me, over us. We both lay very close under the covers body to body.

Really intimate until he began to tickle me, "Harry!" I squealed and laughed. His gentle hands slid up and down my hot body, with a firm grip. He had control over me. He had me in the palm of his hand. He took his mouth against my ear and kissed a gentle and then he whispered into my ear. "So kiss me, Jeanette"  I gave him a long romantic kiss. His hands touched my body, I smelled to him, touched him, tasted his gentle tongue. We let our senses play with each other. "I think there is beginning to be silent, under the covers" exclaimed Niall and laughed. Harry gave me a quick kiss and looked me in the eye, and then he pulled the the covers from us.

I was completely red. The others had very probably guessed that there was more than the source under the covers. "should we do not eat?" asked Louis. He seemed angry. Where was his glow, where the smile was gone. Before he could not in front of me! Now he could not even look me in the eye!. There was an awkward silence at the table. There was an awkward silence until Zayn finally broke the "do you want to that tonight? We're going to drink and it could be very nice to have you with "he smiled a little shy and scratched herself in her hair. I nodded and jumped almost up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, while he blushed slightly. Amalie and I had just come home from shopping trip.

Amalie had bought the sweetestbut still also sexy dress with leopard spots. I stood and admired the way she curls her long dark blonde hair. There were many shades in her hair. she had talked to have colored it brown. it would definitely be nice. She was on the whole real sex. her broad face and her distinctive cheekbones. Her little lips that always sat smiling on her mouth. She was utterly perfect. Not because she had no errors, but not because she had more errors than others on the contrary. She was perfect because I did not want her any other way. I took my black thigh-length dress and a matched pair of stilettos. I smoothed, my natural curly red hair. I thought even that we both looked good. We were finally finished after had complained that it took so long time. When we got out the door stood open-mouthed boys and looked at us. "wow" exclaimed Zayn and kissed gently Amalie and my cheek. Amalie took Niall's hand and together they went as a couple. I was hold of the arms of Louis and Harry, shortly after Louis went round liams arm and the same webbing Harry by Zayn and we all went together on their way to a party. When we arrived there were lots of people. It was hilarious. The party was well started and Zayn had found a cute brunette as he sat and baked on all night. They were now very sweet. I sat himself with Louis up the bar and drank some drinks. I had thought several times about how Harry he was. Not with Zayn, Louis and I were here. Liam sat and talked with Danielle. He had missed her and she had missed him. Niall and amalie lay raw kissing on a sofa, so they were not with him.

"I just wanted to find Harry" I said to Louis who sat and sang to himself in his full condition. I was even pretty good affected, but no more than I could still think clearly. I had now passed over. Eventually I gave up. I could not find Harry. He was probably already gone home.

I went out on female toilet. I opened the dirst box, when I thought it was vacant,   but instead sat a blonde and rough kissing a cute boy with the sweetest curls. He looked like Harry. Harry ... Harry. My heart was broken, my soul from falling apart while Harry sat there. He sat in front of me with a girl on top of him rubbing her abdomen back and forth out of his penis.

I ran out from the toilet. I cried, I cried, I howled! I ran straight into Louis' embrace. I enjoyed his warmth. Everything went in slow motion. I discovered none of the things happening around. I enjoyed just Louis and he enjoyed me. I loved Louis. I loved him with all my heart, but he was not Harry. Maybe it was just better that he was not Harry? I looked into Louis's beautiful blue eyes. Our faces came closer and closer until our lips met in an intimate long romantic kiss. I kissed him and he reciprocate the kiss. It was not just something one wants. It was not something that was just for fun. I could feel the electricity inside my body at any time be able to escape and skip my body in the air! He opened quiet my mouth with his gentle tongue and we tongue kissed. I enjoyed it! It became wilder and wilder as in our full condition, we decided to go with Liam and Zayn home.

When we got home liam sat on the couch "you must not go to bed" I asked. "No I'm waiting for Harry to come home, go lie down to sleep" said liam. "Goodnight" I said and kissed him on the cheek "liam, you will do me a favor.?" and he nodded in response. "when Harry comes home, tell him that he must sleep well, and I sleep at Louis'." liam nodded and kissed my cheek. He stroked my cheek and looked into my eyes. He did not say anything. I knew I was upset. He knew that I was deeply in love with Harry. Liam was like a brother to me. He could read me like an open book. I looked him deep in his eyes and smiled a wry smile to me. I could feel the tears squeezed themselves.

  I went to Louis's room. He had thrown his clothes and was ready to sleep. He stood there only in underpants. His body webbing me completely out of it. I kissed him intimately, and it developed quickly and vehemently to tongue kiss. He gently pulled my dress of me, he was too impatient and tore the dress off my body. I could feel how much he longs for me, which nobody had done before: he longs for my body and I long as much for his muscular body. Just to feel his strong arms hold around me. We crawled under the covers and he stroked me gently and lovingly on the stomach. He made circles with his finger around my navel. He let his finger slide on the edge of my panties. Intimate, he pulled my pink panties by me. Shortly after he pulled his own off. It was very sexually. We lay with our naked bodies right up to each other. We kissed, while our bodies rubbing up on each other. It became wilder, I felt like Louis such a great pleasure for him. My body was about to explode I feel him now. Our movements were faster and wilder. We began to sweat. Our bodies stuck to each other was really sexy. Our breaths became quicker. I gave a groan from me, my body exploded. All my feelings escaped. I could not keep it inside anymore. The nicest I ever tried was just flowed through my body. Right on the where. I was not a virgin, at the time I had lost my virginity to Louis. We continued for about an hour until we both fall on our backs. Both with a relief. Both panting and sweaty. We had both been relieved pressure from our shoulders. I had heartbreak of Harry. And Louis as 3 months ago had found Elenor in bed with a stranger. We had been through the same thing.

I knew he most likely would bellows Elenor up for me. But I would also choose Harry .... Or would I?

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