Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


19. Not again.


"Harry, I'll find Louis." I said and ran up to the bar to see if he was there, but there was no Louis, watching.   I had now been searching for Louis and I still could not find him, so I decided finally to call Niall. "Hello?" Replied Niall tired on the phone. "Is Louis coming home, or have you heard from him, or do you know where he is?" Did I say panic forecast, I had to find Louis. "Is he gone? .." "Hey, what's happening?" Niall replied. It took a while before I answered him, "Well, Louis, Harry and I stood there and danced, Harry suddenly kissed me, and when we had finished Louis was away" Did I say fear after which I could feel the tears began to press in my eye hook. "I come in a little while!" Niall said after he laid on.   I sat at the bar and looked up at the door, while I waited for Niall to come. After fifteen minutes, his smiling and always happy radiating body came through the door. I jumped into his arms, while I sobbed a few words. "Niall, I hope he's okay .. It's all my fault." I said during my degree in the arms of Niall. "Shh. It's okay .." Niall said reassuringly as he stroked my hair. "Have you talked to the others?" asked Niall then I nodded my head. "and none of them had seen him?" he asked again. "no .." I replied sadly.   I quickly pulled me out of Nialls arms, while he looked confusing to me. "What's up?" he said, but I did not answer. I took my phone out and typed a number in. It took some time before the person replied, "Hey, it's Elenor" said a shrill voice. "Hi Elenor, this is Jeanette, is Louis with you?" I asked while I was trying to sound reasonably calm. "Yes, he is home with me .. Do not worry, I take care of him." She said reassuringly. "Okay .. Well then, well, give him a kiss from me and say goodnight." I said low, then I looked down into the ground. I'm pretty sure that Niall knew what was happening and that Louis was at home, with Elenor. "Are you okay sweety?" he said, putting his hand in mine. I just nodded while I still gazed at the floor. "Jeanette ..." He said softly, as he squeezed my hand. I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes. "I .. I'm ok .. No Niall, I am not okay" I shouted and broke out in tears. Niall took me into a long warm hug. I could feel his soft lips against my forehead.   I pulled myself out of hugged and looked up at Niall. "Thank you .." I said then he smiled in response. He took my hand and pulled me into a couch where Liam, Danielle, Zayn and Parrie was sitting in. "Hey, what are you doing here?" asked Liam and looked over at Niall. "Helped Jeanette, to find Louis," said Niall smiling. "Did you find him?" Zayn said smiling and then he kissed Perrie. "Yes, he is home by Elenor and sleep there until tomorrow" Replied Niall. I looked down into the ground, I could feel how their eyes land on my energyless body. "Are you okay?" Asked Zayn. "Well, I'm just tired" I said and smiled a fake smile.   was I so easy to figure out? was it so easy to see that I was in love with Louis.? I had always been so good to put a facade up, but why could I not do so more?. My eyes land on Liam, he looked frightened. When he saw that I had discovered that he had spotted something that was behind me, he did everything to keep my eye contact. I looked at Zayn, who also looked surprisingly at something behind me, as did Niall. I was going to turn me on when Niall put his hand on my shoulder. "do not do it .." His eyes were full of sorrow. I turned around, I did not care, he said I should not, I would see what it was .. Why they looked so sad all together. What happened ..   Since I had turned my head that country on a boy with the most beautiful curls. His beautiful green eyes were fascinated by a blond girl. He kissed her and kissed developed into a tongue kiss. It was cute I could not really see what was wrong with it, then that was just a girl who kissed a boy who looked like Harry ... Harry! I could feel how the tears streamed down my cheeks .. "Not again .. no, not again" I whispered to myself, but high enough that the others heard it, for Niall put his comforting hand on my shoulder. "NO!" I almost ran over to Harry. I pulled the blonde and him apart. He looked surprisingly at me. "Jeanette, I .." More he did not say before my hands gave a slap on his cheek. Tears still streamed down my cheeks. "Harry, it's over between us .. And there will never be anything between us again!. Harryyou should not hurt me one more time!. You are damn worse than Louis!" I shouted .. I could see how the last sentence touched him. He had such a great hatred to what Louis did. so does he, like that.? I ran out the door. It rained and it was cold.   


Nialls perspective:   Jeanette had just broke up with Harry .. I was surprised .. I was so sorry for her .. How could he do it? How could they continue to break her heart. It made me so angry. "What the hell are you doing!" I shouted and pushed Harry. He looked confused at me. "Are you completely stupid Harry!" "She loved you! swine how could you! Fuck you're stupid Harry, you are thinking with your penis! You will only have sex ..!" I shouted, so after I gave Harry one more push. "You know nothing about it" said Harry hard, but sad. "If you really loved her you had not cheated on her ..." I said hard. "Fuck you Niall .." whispered Harry as his green eyes were locked to mine. I could see the hate in his eyes. I could see how he would soon, hit me, I did not care .. I was not afraid of him, all I wanted was to protect Jeanette. His eyes radiated hate, really much hate, but also blame .. but there was another thing about his look .. One thing that I had not reckoned with .. Jealousy .. Jealousy of that it was me who stood and protected Jeanette.   "Fuck me? .. NO! Fuck you Harry .. I'm just happy that she found out how big a swine you are. She deserves so much better than you." I said hard. "Are you in love with her or what?" shouted Harry. "You spend more time with her than your girlfriend!, You're no better Niall. Take home and fuck her, she is not that good anyway. I can find better ..!" continued Harry. Indoor I had seen around me, had I knocked my closed fist straight in Harry's beautiful face. I could feel Zayns strong arms around me .. I moved, I would over to Harry, I was not finished with him .. He deserved so much pain that he had given Jeanette. "Calm Niall!" shouted Liam and looked me in the eyes. "Where is Jeanette" I whispered to myself .. I realized that she had run out the door. I hurried to run out of the bar. I ran home along when she probably had gone home. When I came over to the apartment I saw Jeanette sat on the stairs with her beautiful face buried in her hands. She sat in her shirt and thigh-high shorts. She had to freeze wildly .. I do not understand why she is not just gone into ..  There's locked Niall .. good thought out. I sat beside her and took her hand .. "Are you okay sweet?" Did I say as I gently stroked her cold hand with my thumb. "Come," Did I say low, while I got up from the cold stone staircase. I unlocked the door and lifted her into the guest room. I put her in bed after I said "Are you okay sweet?" "Why Niall .. Why are you so nice to me, I have clearly did not deserved it." she said softly and then she began to cry. "babe .." I put my arms around her and pulled the covers over her. "You deserve so much more than I can give you," I continued, and kissed her hair.   After a while Jeanette fall asleep in my arms. She was so sweet. I could not forsake to wake her so I went also to sleep.    
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