Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


17. love with you but I love another.


Jeanette perspective:

  I heard an brave, that was the door that slammed in. "What's happening?" I asked when I came into the room and saw Amalie's tearful face. "where is Niall." I said before she could answer. "He ran out the door" Replied Liam and laid a hand on my shoulder. Before I think about it, I was run out the door after Niall. I ran and ran, I should find Niall ... And I had a feeling that I knew where he was, and sure enough. He sat on a bench in the middle of the park. The place where Amalie and him had been on their first date together. I sat beside him and clasped my arms around him. The air was chilly and it rained small and Niall had only a shirt on. I could tell him that he froze, but I do not think it was his biggest concern right now. I could feel on him that he was crushed. Where was his beautiful smile. Where was the light in his eyes that could always make me smile. Where was my best friend '.  

Nialls perspective:  

I felt some gentle arm around my cold damp body. I looked up and saw Jeanette's face. I had actually hoped it was Jeanette. She was the only one I wanted to talk to right now. She was the only one who really could understand me. . "What happens sweet" said a gentle voice. "I nodded short on the head and then I broke out in tears .. I sobbed into Jeanette's shoulder. I tried to explain to her that, but I do not really think that she could understand what I said because of my sobs. She said a lot of calming sounds while she stroked me gently in the hair. When I finally had roughly track of my breathing, I told Jeanette whole story.

she was so understanding. she took my hand and pulled me up from the bench and we started walking home along. It began to rain heavily and there was still a long way to go. there were some paparazzi'r and took pictures of us. Jeanette took my hand and we ran from them. Since we had come a good distance away from them Jeanette renounced my hand, but I still hold his. She closed her grip on my hand again. This time I hold a little Haarder. She could not walk. She must not leave me. I think she understood that it was an allusion to that she never had to leave me. She turned and looked me in the eye and smiled her sweet smile.   We stood outside the front door I stopped. She looked confusing to me. "What'sup" she asked. "Thanks for everything Jeanette." I said as I looked into her eyes. I kissed her gently on the mouth while I could feel she kissed again. It was a gentle and enjoyable kiss. I was not in love with Jeanette? Why I kissed her .. It has probably just been a friendly kiss. After the kiss she pulled me into a long warm hug. "you're welcome" she whispered into my ear and then she took my hand and pulled me into the apartment. "Is it you, Jeanette" shouted Amalie from inside the room.  "YES, I have your boyfriend with me!" Jeanette shouted back. Jeanette pulled in my hand and pulled me into the room. I was immediately spotted Amalie who sat beside Liam. I'd most want to just hold her, but it would seem wrong? I did not know. I knew in general what do I do. I was so confused. .

"Will you with me on a Date tonight", I finally be stemmed. Amalie jumped around my neck in a long warm hug.    




  "Are you almost done!" shouted Zayn who stood in front of the toilet and had to pee. The door opened and Amalie came out. Where was she beautiful. "Shall we go" she said flippant and quickly kissed the boys goodbye. When we came to the restaurant was Amalie completely up and running. She was no van to get such fine places apparently. "ORRRG Niall" she squealed as she jumped out of the car. I smiled to myself and then I took her hand and went inside. When we had eaten we just sat and talked. It was fantastic. We enjoyed ourselves so much and we decided to go home. When we got home we sat down to my room .. When we had sat for a while and just looked each other in the eye, I decided that it should be now .. it should be now, I said it, right now. There was no way back. I took Amalie's hand in mine. I could see how her eyes loosened up on my touch.

"I love you" I said softly as I looked into her sparkling eyes. She did not answer, she just leaned closer and closer to me. I could feel how it trembled in my body. Her lips came closer and closer to mine and eventually they met in a long gentle kiss. She withdrew from the kiss and then she said "I love you too Niall." She kissed me again. It became wilder and I could feel how she pressed her body against mine. She kissed my neck while I gently smelled her hair. I could feel how he let his slightly curved finger down my stomach. I could feel desire quiver in her body. She gently pushed to my chest and let me drop into the bed then she sat on top of me as she slowly took her shirt off. I let my finger gently nuzzling his stomach. She took the rest of her clothes and I also took my off. It was hot and erotic. It was great to love with her. We had done it couple of times before but there was something special about this time. There was something different about this time. This time I was sure that she was mine. It was pure pleasure. I loved her. The girl I loved most on earth was ...

  It was Jeanette ...


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